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Disappearing scenery Taiwan Purple butterfly valley(即將消失的美景 台灣紫蝶幽谷)

Taiwan purple crow butterflies

  • Chia-Lung Chan
  • Chia-Lung Chan
  • kuan-Jung Chen
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    45 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 26, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    100,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Chia-Lung Chan

Director. Chan Chia-Lung was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.
Before producing documentaries he was a researcher at Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute. During his pastime, he dabbled in nature photography. Dr. Chia-Lung said one of the reasons for becoming a nature documentary producer was noticing that there was a lack of native documentary producers in Taiwan. He came to the realization when he was approached by a foreign BBC producer who came to Taiwan to film a nature documentary. The BBC producer needed his expertise in Taiwan's wildlife.

Taiwan is well known for technology, most people focus on economic development and our environment has been sacrificed for Taiwan's advancement. He wanted to become one of the few Taiwanese to change that notion, and making films was the best way to do that.

In 2015, Dr. Chia-Lung produced his first film, Living Gems in the Foggy Forest, which won the 50th Golden Bell Award for Educational and Cultural Programs.

After his debut film, he produced Baodoa in 2017, a film depicting Taiwan and its reserved areas. Taiwan was personified as a mother, the mountains were her spinal cord, the rivers were her blood vessels and the people were her immune cells as their responsibility is to protect mother nature. He continued producing documentaries with his latest being Rebirth.

Dr. Chan Chia-Lung's ultimate goal for producing documentaries is for entertainment. He believes that we need to go back to the true essence of documentaries, to show you real-life without judgment. His films give viewers the freedom to formulate their unique perceptions.

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Director Statement

When I was a child I saw the french movie, Microcosmos, which paid tribute to the micro-world. This inspired me to produce the film Rebirth, which depicts the little world through the eyes of a child. Rebirth shows that creatures from the little world and humans from our world share close characteristics.