DSOFFest is an International, Independent online event for all Short, Documentary, Feature, Music Video and Web Series. Goal of DSOFF is to Provide homes to group of young and vibrant film enthusiasts who are committed in creating spaces for independent cinema and devoted to spreading of the knowledge of the modern visual art form to all interested. We, at DSOFFest aim at bringing out the best Short, Documentary, Feature, Music video and web series from around the globe and to present it all on one single platform which is our website. Direct Short Online Film Festival's library will has some very remarkable award winning films from across the globe. Your film will be viewed and voted by our international Community. Filmmakers competing in festivals that require they not to show their films online, they can submit their films and share the trailer, teaser or behind the scenes video. Judges will award the best films through private screenings.
Submit your film to DSOFF and join our network.

Awards & Prizes

All Films Selected under Official Selection will receive laurels of the festival. All Award winner will receive winner laurel and certificates.
BEST FEATURE FILM (Once in Four Month)

Rules & Terms

Submission -
Filmmaker can Submit their film through online film submission platforms.
All Genre films will be accepted
Multiple entries are allowed. You can submit more than one film to the same category or different Category.
We accept all kind of film.
The film production could be from any year.
Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.
Categories -
Filmmaker can submit their film in suitable categories, If any film does not match the criteria will be disqualified and can't be consider Categories are below

• Short Films - All kind of Short fiction, animation films, Duration 15 minutes with opening and closing credits. no geographic boundaries.

• Short Documentary Films - All kind of Documentary films, Duration 30 minutes with opening and closing credits. no geographic boundaries.

• Narrative Short Films - All kind of Short fiction, animation films, Duration 30 minutes with opening and closing credits. no geographic boundaries

• Student Short Films - 20 Min. Max. All kind of Short Student(Fiction, Animation, Documentaries, Music, Web media) films, Duration 20 minutes with opening and closing credits. no geographic boundaries

• LGBT Short Films - All kind of LGBT Short fiction, animation, Documentaries, Web Series, Music Video, Duration 30 minutes with opening and closing credits.
• Feature Film - (Once in Four Month) - All kind of Short fiction, animation, Documentary films, Duration 120 minutes with opening and closing credits. no geographic boundaries

• Web Series - All kind of Web Series(Single Episode required) Duration 40 minutes with opening and closing credits. no geographic boundaries.

• Music Video - All Kind of Music Video.

Selection -
Once the film will be submitted, Festival team (experts from Industry) will review the film through private screening, Reviews will not be published online and can't be emailed to filmmaker.
The festival has the right to disqualify or remove any winning film for any reasons, without having to explain the reasons to the filmmaker and submitter.
Any film selected or not selected, will be a decision of selection panel which is final and accepted by all.
The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all.
Notification -
After a film has been selected and the filmmaker is notified, the film will be listed on the festival web site under official selections until festival edition not over. Irrespective of whether it wins any awards or not.
Copyright © -
By submitting to the Festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film and you agree to allow your project to be shown by the DSOFFest - Direct Short Online Film Festival. Your name and information about your project may be used for promotion.
Screening -
All official selected films will remain on our website for as long as the festival edition is in existence. submitter can request to delete or update your link every time you need.
Any film in any format, online, offline without Vimeo.com or YouTube.com. will be consider as private screening. Password protected entries will also consider in same category. Filmmaker can request for Online screening by providing a youtube or vimeo.com link.
Filmmakers competing in festivals that require they not to show their films online, they can submit their films 's trailer/teaser. Judges will award the best films through private screenings.
Fees -
Festival Charge entry fees, Entries will not be processed without entry fee payment , Entrance fee is non-refundable.
I have read and accept the Rule’s and regulations of DSOFFest 2017. I authorize DSOFFEST 2017 to screen my film online to compete for the awards. I certify that I hold necessary rights for the presentation of this film in DSOFFEST 2017 and that all rights and permissions have been made. This film is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation. By accepting these conditions, I transfer to DSOFFEST 2017 the right to use excerpts of the submitted film, its stills, and trailers, for the purposes of publicity and marketing of the film at the various social networks and on the website of the festival, and for other non-commercial purposes related to the promotion of the festival. I hereby agree to indemnify DSOFFEST 2017, in the event that such rights have not been properly transferred.
By Submitting the film, you agree to our GENERAL AGREEMENT FOR PARTICIPATION IN DSOFFest 2017 and that you have read our Rules and Regulations.

64 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Trent Welstead

    Enjoyable, worthwhile experience! Very happy to have participated in this online festival!

    January 2018
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    Ram Alladi

    Thank you for the official selection.
    Well organised and clear communication.


    January 2018
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    Kumar Raj ( Rajendrakumar M. R. )

    Dear Film Festival Director & Team
    Our special comments :
    We are very proud & glad for our feature film " Tara the journey of love & passion " film team to be part of your prestigious film festival .
    We have suggestions which we would like to put forward for positive improvement of our film festival to grow & become worlds no1 film festival & we will be happy to contribute positive suggestions in the growth of your film festival .
    a) PRESS INCLUDING TV , RADIO , FILM MAGAZINES , ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINES , EVENT COMPANIES , MAGAZINES , E -NEWS PAPERS has to be invited by your festival coordinator has to send our invitations to entire press to cover the event . regular press releases send before and after the event .
    b) The consulates of all countries to be invited
    c) Govt officials , minsters to be invited
    d) Big sponsors to be invited
    e) The tourism ministry & tourism department to be notified in advance to include the film festivals in all their publicity & printouts
    f) There has to be advertisement / publicity in local news papaers & on billboards which are sponsored .
    g) Big names in show biz in the country have to be invited to make the event successful
    h) Tie up with colleges & schools to ensure all seats are filled up during all screenings and award function no seat should be empty .
    i ) Have interns for the film festival taken from media colleges where by you have 30 interns to help during the film festival
    j) There should be photographers interns from photography college . there should be 25 photographers clicking pics .
    k) Red carpers have to be bigger
    l) The publicity boards for taking pix in front have to be bigger & better
    m) The directors -producers & lead actress have to be sponsored to fly down for film festival with help of big sponsors .
    n) Sponsors you have to tie up with biggest advertising companies , event management companies radio , billboard & tv companies for big sponsorship tie ups
    o) You can get sponsors form various consulates , govt bodies , event management companies , film commissions etc .
    Good luck i can keep going on
    Would love you to succeed in very big way & become no 1 in world , we are there to stand by you all the time we promise you .
    Good luck
    God bless you
    Best regards
    Kumar Raj ( Producer & Director )
    E: kumarrajproductions@yahoo.com
    Umair Siddiqui ( Film Festival Director For Feature Film Tara )
    C: +919773503615
    E: umairfilmfestivaldirector@gmail.com
    Kumar Raj Productons

    January 2018
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    Rahum Brown

    Although I was very flattered by the selection from DSOFF, I just wished their network was a little larger. Other than that, they were courtesy and respectful of my little project. I was happy it even got seen by at least one person. I was also intrigued by the other selections displayed on their facebook page.

    December 2017
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    Cynthia Bergen

    Thank You! The Weeping Woman, Best Screenwriter of the Month Dir Isaac Rodriguez. Been submitting films to your festival going on 3yrs, keep up the good work supporting Indie Films.
    Cynthia Bergen
    No Sleep Films

    December 2017