Differently (Andrew's POV)

Andrew had everything going right; great job, great wife, great life. The only thing he felt was not going as planned was the fact that he and his wife could not conceive. Even then, his life was pretty much alright.
His wife, Nikita, was a teacher at a local high school. We are introduced to one of her students, Beatrice Juma (herein referred to as Trix). Trix is seen to have a soft spot in Nikita’s heart and later on we learn that this is because Nikita and Andrew had plans to adopt her. Trix is depicted as a smart student with an outgoing personality. She despises the mindset of ‘white man supremacy’ and advocates for the importance of putting as much emphasis on black culture and African history as is put in the teaching of European history in schools. Trix had been living at a local Children’s Home since she had been orphaned. Andrew and Nikita take a keen liking to her and settle on her as their possibly adopted child.
Andrew works at Osbocorp, a high-end investment corporation, founded and owned by his boss, Osborn. Andrew lets us in on the fact that, something about his boss did not sit right with him. He is portrayed as being corny and manipulative. Osborn somehow finds out that Andrew intends to adopt a child and has the perfect congratulatory gift for him; a highly lucrative deal that would earn him a lot of money and other accompanying benefits. Andrew seems to dislike this deal and is ready to turn his back on the idea but Osborn manipulates Andrew into taking the deal by convincing him that this deal would see to it that his wife and adopted child lead the best standard of lives.
True to the promise made by Osborn, Andrew amasses a fairly good amount of money and other accompanying benefits, including a mansion, on execution of the deal.
Nikita later dies from a quite mysterious cyanide poisoning case in their new mansion. In the attempt to rush to his wife’s aid, Andrew gets into a small accident from which he falls and suffers brain injury. This injury left him with a somewhat strange amnesic condition; He could remember everything but one particular memory had been erased completely from his memory.
This bit of memory seems to have been quite traumatic as Andrew’s struggle with mental health all turns out to have been triggered by that single memory. He connects this triggering memory to his interactions with Osborn and seems to equate Osborn to darkness.
Within his journey to uncover the covered and unlock the locked, he develops feelings for one of his colleagues at work, Raquel. Raquel is portrayed as being quite mysterious. Most of the mystery surrounding Raquel has a lot to do with her interactions with their boss, Osborn.
Andrew makes it his mission to figure out what it is about Osborn that is a little off. At the end of Andrew’s quest to unmask the masked, he discovers that maybe the man whom he really should be after is the man staring at him when he looks in the mirror. It dawns on him that maybe he should be looking at things a little DIFFERENTLY. Andrew brings the audience with him on this journey and teaches us a very vital lesson at the end of it all; MAN’S ENEMY IS MAN HIMSELF.

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