Devil-Man: The Birth

A Young Shy Timed Man Akira Futo, is picked on for his Good Nature at his School, who is saved by his Best Friend Miki Makimura by the Local Bullies. Upon leaving School Akira & Miki bump into Ryo Asuka, Akira's former Best Friend. Ryo asks for Akira's help & the pair leave Miki to travel to his House within the Mountain Region. Akira learns that Ryo's father Professor Asuka has discovered the existence of Demons & Melded with One, unfortunately he couldn't control the Demonic Force inside himself, after the attempted Murder of Ryo, he kills himself. After Akira's eyes are opened to the world of Demons. They come under attack from Demons & flee the House barely escaping. Ryo & Akira return to the House, as Ryo has a Sabbath underway in his Basement. During the Sabbath Ryo attacks the Party-Goers, eventually the Party-Goers unaware Meld with Demons as they Transform. Akira & Ryo try to flee, until Akira Melds with Amon, but Akira's Subconscious dominates Amon, allowing Akira to become Devil-Man. As the newly formed Devil-Man, Akira goes on a Bloody Killing Spree & eliminates the Basement of Demonic Forces & accidentally injures his Friend in the Process.

  • Michael John Chase
    Creator, Writer & Illustrator - Go Nagai
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Michael John Chase

I have been writing for the past 5 years, am self-taught during Full-Time Employment I was writing Part-Time, until the Covid Lockdowns, I was unfairly dismissed from Work, & was able to focus all my time & attention from a Hobby to focus my mind from Depression which turned into my passion which I spend more time perfecting each Project. In the various Genres, from my own Original Projects to Military, Action, Drama, Thriller, Paranormal Horror, Survival Horror, Video Game, Remakes & Reboots, working on the Comedy aspect, Re-Imaginations & Manga/Anime Projects. To date I have 35 Projects, with plenty more to work on.

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Writer Statement

One of the Best Manga OVA Films of all Time from the 1990's I watched growing up as a Kid, better then the TV Series & better than Devil-Man Crybaby. To the Die-Hard Fanbase, this would make a hell of a Live-Motion Action Film, with the right Cast. The attempt in 2004, was disappointing. But, with today's Actors, Make up, CGI & technology would make this a Huge Hit.