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Desert Run

DESERT RUN is a World War II action adventure that plunges us into hell on earth. It is a world where children die or become killers, where bonds are forged and all the rules are broken.

It's a story about never giving up. It taps into something sacred in all of us that takes us beyond our fears. Today, as millions of refugees are running from war, Desert Run explores the hopes and horrors of people who've lost everything and the friendships that give them the strength to go on.

Michael Quinn, a man haunted by memories of a war-scarred childhood, grows into the roughshod desert explorer who discovers the enormous oil reserves in Saudi Arabia. By 1942, his company is the most important source of oil in the world – a world that craves his product – a world at war.

In early 1942 the NAZI WAR MACHINE grinds across North Africa. The British are faltering. They need fuel. But the Nazis need it worse. MICHAEL QUINN controls the Saudi Arabian oil fields and an unlimited flow of fuel. It's intended for the British but NAZI LIEUTENANT GENERAL HANS GERHARDT will stop at nothing to get his hands on it.

QUINN is a hardened oil explorer. But as tough and faithless as he is, he will not allow Gerhardt to murder a hostaged team of orphaned boys. So, with Gerhardt at their back, Michael leads his crew into his desert world.

But the desert is a unforgiving sanctuary. It strips away delusions and destroys faith. Survivors no longer fear death. And at the last battle when Quinn and the boys face Gerhardt and his killing machine, the desert's power rises, its denizens gather and the boys prove themselves.

  • Christopher Ann Thomas
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    United States
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  • Writemovies Spring 2018 Contest

    January 13, 2020
    First Place Winner - feature film script
Writer Biography - Christopher Ann Thomas

Award-winning screenwriter/
Creative Writing Instructor

Chris Thomas is a senior level creative director, producer and writer for animation, broadcast production and interactive media.
~Her experience includes consulting and designing educational tools for high stakes patent infringement trials, high profile class action litigation, presentations for Congressional committees, contractual conflicts for the DOJ, airline accidents and disasters such as the McVey trial as well as advocacy tools for the FAA, NATO, and NASA. ~These presentations not only require a thorough knowledge of learning technology, but also experience in all aspects of interactive media, computer animation, special effects, electronic and traditional illustration and video and film production.
~Chris holds a Master's in Instructional Design for E-learning, a BA in English Language and Linguistics, with additional graduate work in Teaching English as a Second Language.

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