The Desert Film Society promotes the appreciation of film in the Coachella Valley by providing Society members an opportunity to view the latest in art, international and cutting-edge independent cinema and educating members by providing a platform for discussion of the art of film and film craft.

The Desert Film Society experienced a very successful debut year in the Spring 2002, with a membership of over 100 people by year’s end. The Society was encouraged by this response and we are excited to note that our current membership is now more than 300 members, with Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs, California, as our permanent home. A most enjoyable and very satisfying experience about our passion for film is the opportunity to congregate, to discuss and to enjoy watching films together. Becoming a DFS Member provides opportunities to participate in a community of fellow film enthusiasts.

Film is a very powerful voice in our culture today, and interacting among a community of film lovers promotes enhanced and developed appreciation for film. To better facilitate this for our members, we invite people who are involved in the creative processes of film-making to share their knowledge and to guide us in a deeper understanding of the many ways in which film influences our lives.

An organized and vibrant film society also signals to the professional film industry our support and appreciation for quality art house, global and independent film. The Desert Film Society is a California non-profit 501 (c)(3) Organization, with a Board of Directors who meet throughout the year.