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Dela Finn, born on Saturday, September 17th, 1994, is a Ghanaian filmmaker. His mission is to inspire the world through the medium of movies. He established Deland Films. Multi-talented and self-taught filmmaker Dela Finn specializes in scriptwriting, special effects makeup, editing, and directing. He has a talent for finding new talents.
In June 2016, he launched his cinematic career by directing a nonverbal short film named "BOUND TO BE" which starred Nelson Mandela Junior. This short film is featured on the PickurFlick Film Festival blog in India. In August 2016, he filmed "GIVE IT A TITLE," a short nonverbal love film introducing Jane Igwe and Nelson Mandela Jr.
Dela Finn, known for crafting short films, maintained his reputation in the film industry as a unique young director on the rise by filming "ABUSED," which spotlights domestic violence against women around the world. DELAND FILMS, His production company, produced the short film. Because of the film's message, this is thought to be the first short film to be shown in Ghanaian cinema to an overflowing audience. The film runs about 8 minutes. On July 9, the same year, ABUSED, directed by DELA FINN, was named a Semi-Finalist at the REBEL MINDED FESTIVAL in Brooklyn, NY, as well as a Lift-Off Session and First Time Filmmaker at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom.
The short film ABUSED was selected for the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival 2019 in India, and it was also a SEMI-FINALIST at the Africa Film For Impact Festival in NIGERIA - 2020.
ABUSED won its first AWARD at the MARANO RAGAZZI SOPT FESTIVAL in Italy in 2020.
Dela Finn released a film titled 'LIFE IN ACCRA' in 2019, which premiered at Ghana's Silverbird Cinemas. He wrote the screenplay for this short film. LIFE IN ACCRA was a finalist at Nigeria's Africa Film For Impact Festival 2020 and was shortlisted at the Lift-Off Sessions in the United Kingdom (2020).
In 2020, he developed a short film titled 'DEAR DAD' that focuses on rape. It is a seven-minute short film starring young performers such as Christian Jennifer, King Roger, and Aisha Salifu. This short film was also selected for the 4TH MULTICULTURAL FILM FESTIVAL in Toronto 2021, as well as the AFRICAN AMERICAN FILM MARKETPLACE & S.E MAINLY SHORT FILM SHOWCASE.
Dela Finn directed an eight-minute short film on Mob/Jungle justice around the globe for the pleasure of utilizing cinema to talk about societal issues. 'I AM A CITIZEN' is a short film starring King Roger, Akua Creamy, Donald Danquah, and others.
In 2022, the young director set a goal for himself by beginning a full-length film project called 'ELORM,' which is about ART. He emphasizes in this film how art should and must be honored in Senior High Schools. On his 28th birthday, the one-hour, thirty-minute film opened before a large audience at Silverbird Cinemas. Rita Richman, Donald Danquah, Akua Creamy, Portia Freeman, and Mapitso Sebidi appear in the narrative.
He also worked as a Cinematographer for Mr. Ayo Shonaiya (Executive Producer and Director) on an AFROBEATS Documentary Season Two on Netflix (Ghana Unit).
Dela Finn is also a Music Video Director, having directed several music videos for Ghanaian musicians. Dela has worked with several film production companies as an Assistant Director, Editor, Special Effect Make-up Artist, and Visual Effects Director. Follow him on all social media platforms at @delafinngh.
Birth Date
September 17, 1994
Birth City
Current City
Accra - Ghana
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Keep focused, Believe in yourself and Never Give Up.
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