As an encounter with a person from her past approaches, a young woman needs to face her anxieties and fears for the future that distance her from her own self.

  • Mary Gogoli
  • Petros Tserpelis
    Insanex, Epeidi
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Writer Biography - Mary Gogoli, Petros Tserpelis

Mary Gogoli was born on 11 August 1994 in Athens, Greece. She is a final year Chemistry student at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens who truly loves arts, such as cinema, photography, music, reading, animation, pottery and theatre. She wrote and created the short film "Pluto" and helped with the creation of the short film "Epeidi". She has attended a photography course, videography and film still photography seminars, participated in a filmmaking workshop and taken animation lessons. Furthermore, she plays ukulele and attends an aerial yoga class.

I was born in 1995 in Athens, Greece and I studied Greek Philology and Linguistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I love music, cinema, reading, writing, theatre and stand-up comedy. I write feature- and short-length scripts and stand-up comedy, and I have created the short film “Epeidi”, helped with the creation of the short film “Pluto” and participated in an open mic. I used to work at a casting office and I have attended improv comedy theatre, videography and film still photography seminars and taken part in a filmmaking workshop. Also, I write short stories, film reviews and other short texts, I have published some of them on webzines, I am currently working on my first book, I play classical, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass and ukulele, I have broadcasted on web radios for many years, I compose and arrange music and write lyrics, I attend electric guitar, popular music theory and musical ensemble lessons, I perform live, and I enjoy going to concerts.

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Writer Statement

The main idea for “Deeper” sprung from personal experiences with and conversations about what could be described as depersonalization. With this movie we want to convey what it's like to feel that you become distanced from yourself, turning into an observer of your own actions, and how that sometimes serves as a reaction to stressful situations. In order to convey our protagonist’s mental detachment, we are thinking of visually representing this alteration in her psychological state and perception by utilizing stop motion and by having an identical second self of hers witnessing her own doings as if she’s exited her own body.

Other themes include anxiety, phobias and generational trauma, in particular fear of abandonment as portrayed in the relationship between our protagonist and her mother and projected on her relationship with her oldest friend. Moreover, the film deals with feelings of not belonging, fear of rejection of your sexual identity and the struggles of coming out. We hope to tackle these themes with the gravitas they deserve but also to sprinkle them with a ray of hope.