Debris of Faith


1)This animated short is based on a metaphorical representation of the religious leaders and their people.

2) People had surrendered their "Brains" in front of their religious leaders, but the good thing is ,that they do have it.

3) The religious leader wants to steal their brain (critical ability) from them. So he distracts them towards the ill practices and baits of our society.

4) First he points towards the "Patriarchy" (sound of screaming woman is used , since patriarchy do not have a voice). But no one turns back (since they had a brain).

5) Then the rock of faith falls on the brain and over powers it. When the religious leader points towards the "Racism" ( screams of the victims could be heard), a person turns back this time. But not everyone repeats the same thing, so the religious leader cannot steal their brain.
In the similar way he points out to "Homophobia"(a homophobic rant could be heard). But still , not everyone turns around.

6) Then a rock falls on the rock of faith. And everything bursts out. But you wouldn't have seen, what was written on that rock....
Actually it was the "Rock of Ignorance".The beauty is, that you didn't knew it was the rock of Ignorance, which is itself an act of Ignorance (It signifies, that it's really difficult to understand that you're ignorant, when you are in a blind faith).
This breaks the rock of faith and turns it into debris....debris of faith (basically religion).

7)Now, the religious leader points out to a stupid thing like "Stairs of heaven" (Heaven's choir could be heard). But this time everyone turns around (They had literally lost their minds or maybe not). After this, the religious leader takes away their brain (which was hidden in the debris). But he returns to take his round table (not the debris). It signifies that today our religious leaders (not all), just care about money, they're not even commited to their own ideology. They are being opposite of Buddha... He moved from his palace and went into wilderness, while our religious leaders are moving from wilderness to palaces.

8) You could've seen a pattern in which these people are distracted.They were given the baits in this order:-
a) Patriarchy (Gender Bias)
b)Racism (Limited only to a race)
c) Homophobia (Limited only to a sexuality)
d)Stairs to heaven (Just stupid)
You could notice that as the baits get smaller, the frequency of turning around increases. This happens only due to the faith, ignorance and religion.

9) "If you're not paying for the product, you're the product " is flashed. This phrase is given by "Andrew Lewis". This signifies that religion is more of a business, than being anything else.

10) " Stop being a product of religion" signifies that we should fight with our own abilities and disabilities, rather than fighting for a "Franchise of religion".

  • Yash Kumar
  • Yash Kumar
  • Yash Kumar
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Student, Short
  • Runtime:
    58 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 26, 2020
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    0 USD
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Director Biography - Yash Kumar

I'm a teen animator from India. I always wanted to make films that can bring a change in our society. I love to animate things on social issues in a metaphorical way.

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Director Statement

In animation we do not depict the fate of a character, we depict it's will.