After being diagnosed with cancer, a world class assassin confronts her new found moral crisis thanks to the misguided help of an oddball support group.

  • Monika Smith
    Halloween Romance - short
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    Television Script
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    Comedy Action
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Monika Smith

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Monika began modeling internationally in high school until she realized she likes food and smiling. Venturing into comedy, Monika toured with The Second City and has performed improv internationally for years. Creating characters and stories on stage and on screen ignited her writing bug and she has been writing sketches for stage and websites and the big screen ever since.

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Writer Statement

I decided to write this after being diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and immediately having it removed and being cancer free. In a few weeks there was an abundance of emotions I went thru and just like that - it was over. I learned that this is a version of cancer that isn't really shown on TV. TV is bald head and dead - but a lot of people get it removed and then every 6 months have the fear of death for a few weeks. This script is different as it's about an assassin being powerless when having to face her own mortality when her career thrives on the power she holds choosing who lives and who dies.