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Deadly Luck Part -1

Deadly Luck – Part 1
Thriller, suspense-terror.
A group of sorority black girls gets haunted by a vengeful bloodthirsty voodoo demon after
accidentally killing a potential new member during her initiation.
HOLLY and ALICE are the leaders of Phi Black Alstar, a famous sorority around all college
campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along with other sorority girls, they like to prank their
new potential members by scaring them to death during their initiations. However, Holly
believes the point of recruiting is having new members and so far, they haven’t got none
since they all fail to pass the test by not getting too scared. She actually feels bad about
the pranks, but Alice, her boyfriend JASPER and the other girls enjoy it.
JADE, a socially awkward freshman loner student gets targeted as their next victim. Holly
is in charge of inviting her to a cabin in the woods where the prank/initiation ritual is made.
Jade gets excited but nervous at the same time so she goes for comfort to her aunt AJA, a
voodoo practitioner who gives her an African voodoo charm necklace, Gris-Gris, that’s
supposed to protect the wearer from evil and bring good luck. Kyra, her sister, also
witnesses this. Jade shows the necklace to Holly and briefly talks about it to her.
The prank goes wrong and Jade gets hit accidentally by a speeding car, brutally
dismembering her into pieces, killing her. The driver runs. Scared of going to jail, they hide
the body and decide to tell no one. However, Jade’s voodoo necklace shines and an evil
spirit seems to have been summoned somehow unknown to the sorority girls.
Holly feels horrible. She keeps the necklace and starts being haunted by the shadow,
coming across weird blood symbols and messages, feeling something evil around her.
Then, ANNY, one of the sorority girls, gets brutally murdered by getting her head smashed
repeatedly against her bathroom mirror by a mysterious shadow figure. Later, TINA and
her boyfriend LIAM, also involved, get killed too in a brutal way. Alice finds them and
screams almost traumatized. She calls the cops and then they realize Anny is dead too.
Holly thinks the necklace and her haunting has something to do with all the murders. The
necklace starts to shine and she thinks someone else might be in danger.
Holly and Alice go to warn ANDREA who they believe is next, but she gets killed before
they can do anything about it. They see a message written in Andrea’s blood on the wall:
“Jade’s evil must be cleansed”. Next day, the whole campus hears about the Phi Black
Alstar sorority girls’ murders and Holly and Alice feel helpless as they sense they are next.
However, Kyra comes up and confesses that she and Jayda had performed a voodoo
ritual to enhance the necklace’s powers but mistakenly ended up summoning a vengeful
demon that’s killing everyone around the time of her death. Now, they must find a way to
stop it.The counter ritual to stop the demon will be revealed in Part 2, where Jasper is found to be
the driver who killed Jade by accident and the demon is actually killing everybody involved
in her death. Kyra realizes this towards the end and then destroys the only chance the girls
and Jasper had to save themselves, in revenge of the murder of her sister.
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  • Jonathan Bowman
  • Daniel Noel
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    United States
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Writer - Jonathan Bowman, Daniel Noel