Dead Man's Shoes

Ten Years after the Death of his Mentally Impaired Little Brother Anthony, Richard leaves his Special Forces Unit to travel back to his Hometown to track down & wreak Havoc on the Drug Dealing County Lines Gang responsible for their Part in his Brothers Death. He tracks down each Gang Member & Torments them, before revealing himself & informs them that he intends to kill each one of them for what they have done. And begins a One-Man Army Mission of killing them one by one & gathers the Few together to exact his Revenge with the help of another Victim of the Gang along the way in a Lawless rundown North-Western Village.

  • Michael John Chase
    Co-Writers & Creators - Paddy Considine, Shane Meadows & Paul Fraser.
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    Revenge-Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama, Psychological-Thriller, Vigilantism
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Michael John Chase

I have been writing for the past 5 years, am self-taught during Full-Time Employment I was writing Part-Time under an online Mentorship, until the Covid Lockdowns, I was unfairly dismissed from Work & was able to focus all my time & attention from what was a Hobby turned into my passion, which I spend more time perfecting each Project. I work with various Genres from my own very Projects to Military, Action, Drama, Thrillers, Paranormal Horror, Survival Horror, Video Game, Remakes & Reboots, working on the Comedy aspect, Re-Imaginations & Manga/Anime Projects.

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Writer Statement

A Great Revenge Story between Siblings, righting a wrong that went ignored by the Police & the Town itself. Leaving what a Soldier does best. Sticking with the Original Concept with a few changes. Basing it within a Lawless Small Village (In Cheshire), where the County-Lines Drug Dealers are higher in Number & Gang Members go unchecked giving them a False Sense of being 'Untouchable' in the eyes of the Law & the Residents.