Established in 2007, the Dereel Independent Film Festival has showcased films from over 60 countries and 6 continents. It is a film festival for independent film makers, organised by independent film makers.

As independent filmmakers we understand that while no film is perfect, just finishing a film is a huge achievement. With this in mind we're going to make sure we hand out as many awards as we can. While we won't give you an award you don't deserve, every film selected for screening will receive an official selection laurel and there are also another 29 best film laurels up for grabs. You're not going to get awards that we feel your film doesn't deserve, but we will endeavour to help as many filmmakers as possible get something that helps lend a little cred to their film. Winners of major categories will share in over $1,000 of prizes.

The films winning the major categories will be screened in Melbourne, Australia. We're also working with an independent film streaming company to provide a free online stream of the films selected on the same weekend as the festival is held for those who can't make the trip to Australia. This online screening will be opt in so your film won't be streamed online unless you want it to be.

DeREEL IFF prefers digital submissions in a high-quality MOV file. You can transfer files easily via Vimeo, Google Drive or WeTransfer Our file upload address is

*Best Drama Feature
*Best Horror Feature
*Best Action Feature
*Best Comedy Feature
*Best Family Feature
*Best Sci-Fi Feature
*Best LGBTQIA Feature
*Best Documentary Feature
*Best Web Series
*Best Animated Long Short
*Best Drama Long Short
*Best Comedy Long Short
*Best Family Long Short
*Best Action Long Short
*Best Horror Long Short
*Best Sci-Fi Long Short
*Best LGBTQIA Long Short
*Best Documentary Long Short
*Best Animated Short
*Best Drama Short
*Best Horror Short
*Best Action Short
*Best Comedy Short
*Best Sci-Fi Short
*Best Family Short
*Best LGBTQIA Short
*Best Documentary Short
*Best Director
*Best Very Short Short
*Audience Choice Award

You will need to submit the following items with this application:
1. A digital copy of the film, clearly labeled with film title, director, tracking number, running time, contact phone / email. No other format will be accepted. All communication between the festival and filmmakers will primarily be via email.

2. A film still as a digital file at least 300dpi, for use by DIFF should the film be selected.

3. A longer synopsis with plot points and a list of cast and character names. Although not necessary, a full press kits may be included in your application package if available.

4. All official selections will be listed on the website by March 15, 2019.
All entries will be viewed by the selection committee. The Festival will make no cuts or changes. The festival does not pay rental or screening fees for submitted work.

5.Non-English language produced films must have English subtitles.

Payment is via FilmFreeway only. No Checks, Money Orders or Cashiers Checks.

One of our major sponsors is a Film Distributor specialising in Independent Films. If your film is of a quality that we feel my be of interest to the film distributor then we reserve the right to forward your details to the distributor for them to contact you regarding a possible non exclusive distribution deal. If you do not wish to be contacted then please let us know as this is opt out only.

A festival jury will present awards to films selected as best in category.

Please only send materials you do not wish to have returned, it's cheaper and easier for all involved. Please do not send us masters, originals, your only copy, etc. as they will not be returned.


I warrant that I own and/or have obtained legal clearance or license to all contents of my Festival entry including but not limited to script; still and moving pictures; writings; talent; music; and all other images and sounds. I further affirm that I have the authority or authorisation to submit the enclosed program with this application. Additionally, I will hold the DeREEL Independent Film Festival (Diff) harmless for any and all suits or liabilities arising from any alleged or actual violations of copyright or other rights, or loss of programs submitted. I understand that with my signature the winning entries may be exhibited at the 2019 DeREEL Independent Film Festival. I also give non-exclusive permission to the Diff to use images of this production for the following applications.
* display on the Internet and including streaming on the web site
* public relations and press materials
* advertisements, documentation and print collateral
* compilation reels

I hereby certify and represent that I have read the foregoing and fully understand the meaning and effect thereof and, intending to be legally bound.

Overall Rating
  • Pedro Solís García

    Good networking and communication. Unfortunately we couldn't attend the festival because of the distance. Long trip from Spain. :)

    April 2019
  • David Cave

    An amazing festival I cannot rate highly enough. Fantastic communication and support from the organizers who take the time to get to know both the filmmakers and their work and promote it to a very high standard. Thanks to all at Dereel IFF for your hard work and a wonderful festival!

    April 2019
  • velton lishke

    Fantastic festival , great communication and support, very honoured to have been part of this year's selections, looking forward to next year, i highly recommend this excellent festival

    April 2019