Days of the Dead is a horror focused convention featuring celebrity guests, unique vendors and an in-house Independent Film Festival. We currently operate 5 events per year in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Louisville with an average attendance of 2,000+. The Days of the Dead Film Festival is 100% focused on Independent Short and Feature Length Films. Our events spotlight the very best in up and coming FIlmmakers from around the world.

The Days of the Dead Independent Filmmaker Award
Awarded once per year to a Filmmaker that shows outstanding innovation, encouragement and dedication to the Independent FIlm scene.

The rules -
Our goal is to spotlight Independent Films. We accept all submissions.

Overall Rating
  • Stephanie Hensley

    Hands down one of the best Fests out there!

    August 2017
  • Seems like a kickass festival. Unfortunately we never found out who won.

    August 2017
  • Matthew Vinaja

    Great Con and Great Festival!

    July 2017
  • Raimund Huber

    Unfortunately I couldn't attend the festival but the organizers were nice and helpful. Communication was easy with Jason Hoover. And yes no bull, if they like your film they will play it , it's that simple...Thumbs up...

    February 2017
  • Billy Brewton

    For starters - communication was terrible, initially. I sent multiple emails and received zero response. Only when I was contacted about providing exhibition materials was there ANY communication initiated. Our film was selected to screen at 7am, which was already a perceived issue, but we figured - "They're a 48-hour film festival so SURELY they account for the fact that NO ONE goes to see films at 7am." I drove 2.5 hours from Birmingham to Atlanta to attend the festival. I arrived and NO ONE was there and the grounds were a mess, covered in beer cans and trash and the thick smell of cigarette/cigar smoke. I finally found the screening room and sat there until 5-minutes after my film was scheduled to start, only to be told by someone with the festival that some of their screening equipment had been stolen and my film would not be screening. So that was that. We left and went to get breakfast instead. This is one of those cases where the film festival gets completely lost in the chaos of the convention. The convention seems fairly large and well organized. Too bad the film festival and the filmmakers weren't treated with the same level of consideration and respect. We initially had reservations about screening there but gave them the benefit of the doubt and literally EVER concern we had was proven to be correct.

    February 2017