Days of Inspiring Films - this is
- the best SHORTS! about love, courage, kindness, strength of character and humanity;
- the plenty of inspiration in every video;
- the goosebumps during the evening;
- touching life stories from the best filmmakers from around the world.

- Grand opening;
- opening speech of organizers and sponsors;
- video greeting of the most inspiring personalities from different countries.

And also:
- 2 hours of inspiring films from around the world;
- only inspirational gifts;
- only useful treats but not the banal popcorn.

This information will appear later.

- Films are accepted year-round.
- Only SHORTS are accepted (< 22 min).
- Films selected for the Days of Inspiring Films will be announced on our website.
- The entry of films for the Days of Inspiring Films is free of charge.
- The Days of Inspiring Films does not pay any screening fee for demonstrating the films.