Day dreaming

Its about that time
I am reinventing you
The man of my dreams
I can see you in my mind
Your handsome chisel face
Michealangelo could not erase
I feel that your heart is calling me
I can wrap you up in any story i read
Baby I can't wait to fall asleep

I can't help myself
Boy your one of the best
My book boyfriend no one can believe
Im only daydreaming

I grab my pen I pretend to be a novelist
Thinking about my baby
My personal good boy got lyric list
I got a lot to say
Like when Im gonna meet you some day
My mind eye is revealing it will be anytime
You got a spell on me
Conjuring all those dirty things
A girl never say


Boy I thought I met you in the sky
Some how you flew by
You had the right lines
It kept me on the rise
You took me for a ride
You told me all your secrets inside
You rescue me from this place
That why he's my super man
He don't even have to ask
I know this is my last chance
Gonna take his hand for the last dance
Like Donna Summer said
My book boyfriend I have become a reality
I pray to the man upstairs


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