Day Of Film Festival is a dynamic and fast growing film event that shows the best out of film in one day, in every aspect. Several aspects of film will be at the centre of attention for a complete day. Not only from the crowd, but also professionals. Workshops, lectures, panel-discussions and the viewing of a great selection of films are combined in an event that has captured hundreds of peoples attention every year. Your film is their finishing touch! And even better: it can be awarded!

In 2019 two Day of Films will be organized.

At the end of every year we reach out two awards:
- The Audience Award for best film of the year
- The Jury Award for best film of the year

1. Films and filmmakers can be of any age.
2. The maximum running time is 30 minutes (including credits).
3. Films in every genre and style can be submitted (e.d. fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and more).
4. Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles or dubbed in English.
5. Submissions only via, with online screeners.
6. Viewing at festival only by digital files. We will contact you about this when your film is selected.
7. (Parts of) Your film can be used for educational or promotional purposes of the festival and its organization. If we want to use your film for educational purposes, we wil always contact you on forehand.
8. Please let us know if your film has its premiere at our festival!
9. E-mails with questions regarding waiving the submission fee will not be answered. We respect your work, please also respect ours.