Day Forty Five

In a world where 24 hours no longer consists of time based on day and night, and a reduced population has had to leave their life behind to move to the only habitable land left on Earth, the remaining few specially selected volunteers have 45 days to complete missions within their allocated sections in order to clear, protect, and close off the "dead" land before boarding the final departure to the Quadrants on the 45th day. But have the government and QEST group (Quadrant Emergency Security Taskforce) been honest about the consequences of their mission and the impact it may have on any remaining life they haven't been properly informed about? And what does this mean for those completing the missions? Will all volunteers make it in time for the final departure? One thing's for sure... it's not the 45 days they were expecting.

  • Hannah Brooke
  • Rodderrick Sota
    Santo, Sam and Ed's Fever! (2012), Read 'Em and Weep (2018), All of Me (2020)
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    Screenplay, Other
  • Genres:
    Action, Post Apocalyptic, Adventure, drama
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Writer Biography - Hannah Brooke

Hannah is a UK-born Australian actress, however not content just in front of the camera, Hannah started to write her own screenplays.⁠

Having spent much of her personal and professional life in a creative space, including her involvement in many features, short films and web series, the progression felt natural to start bringing her own stories to life.⁠

Starting with a post apocalyptic feature was never the plan, but once you have an idea for a story in mind it’s hard to shake, so she started putting pen to paper and three weeks later had the first draft of Day Forty Five written.

Since finishing a third draft of Day Forty Five, Hannah has explored other ideas and has since penned a short film (Dreamer Ballerina) and another feature (REAL.). She also has a few ideas locked away and plans to spend more time writing in the near future.

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Writer Statement

Day Forty Five is a story that means a lot to me. It's more than just a journey. Each detail, relationship, connection, backstory has been thought through.

Whilst I know it's an ambitious genre for a first-time writer, I'm proud of the script I have created and can't wait to see it in 3D one day.