In 2016 BanterFlix launched The Dark Hedges Movie Club, a community cinema group aimed at creating a space for lifelong horror fans and curious newbies to come together and watch an eclectic mix of horror films, old and new. 

Now we present an exciting new venture, as we launch our first ever short film festival. one aimed at establishing a platform for Irish filmmakers to screen their short horror movies on a big screen and give Belfast horror fans an opportunity to support local talent. Irish cinema has always had a rich association with horror, so we want our event to be a platform for both fledgling filmmakers and more established directors from across the island of Ireland to showcase their material.

BanterFlix’s Editor-in-Chief Jim McClean said: “Here at BanterFlix we’re really excited about the idea of launching our new event. Festivals like the Belfast Film Festival and the Film Devour Short Film Festival have become vital platforms for Irish filmmakers to showcase their talent to local audiences, we want to try something slightly different and create an additional platform that’s purely for horror cinema.”

The Banterflix Jury Prize

Audience Award (voted for on the night)

Submitted shorts must have entered production no earlier than 18 months prior to our event (26 April 2017)

Any shorts submitted for consideration will only be considered if they meet any of the following criteria

Made by an Irish filmmaker

Written by an Irish screenwriter

Filmed in Ireland

(Eligibility will be checked and any submitted films failing to meet our qualifying criteria will be disqualified.)

Eligible shorts cannot be longer than 20 minutes in length (including credits), longer films will be automatically disqualified.

All finalists will be notified by Monday 1st October if their short is to be screened at our event.

(Please not festival finalists must be able to provide a physical copy/digital file of their material, along with a high-res image still for our event's programme.)