Dark Fantasy


[Verse #1]
I know that I’m better with the business
And I got a hoodie more yellow than the Simpsons
Yes I’m 11:11 with my wishlist
I’m not a hero coz I’m better than the villian
With the cape on, I feel like the Maestro
When I brainstorm, I become a cyclone
I don’t wanna take off but I might go
To space dawg, like Michael, when I moonwalk
I’m psycho like 2Pac and Phife Dawg
Imma leave the world in a spaceship
Sitting in the sick bay coz I’m not basic
I don’t wanna die slow, so I’m gonna live fast
I feel like Picasso, when he made Sylvette
(Soy Dorado)
I don’t need a big cheque
But I’m gonna reach the Sinatra success
With Murcielagos and my name on big jets
I don’t need a Senorita when i get a motherfucking King bed
Me and my girl was a match made in heaven
Now me & my mind is a match made in hell
Your M.O. is emo, my M.O. is ammo
And I’m never running out of any shells
Look at the way that I’m living, my life is a blessing and curse all at once
Baby, the blessing is I can make money from all of this cursing, so I’m having fun
I used to go with the flow till I figured that I could just walk on the water
I never followed the gravity, I’m never falling like Autumn
Yes, I wanna drink in the Holy Grail
I don’t like to talk, if you know me well
I get straight to business, better save the kiss
Or wait for this to be done

I’m never finishing my Trappy New Year (Fantasy)
This is my Trappy New Year (Fantasy)
Yes it is a Trappy New Year (Fantasy)
This is my Trappy New Year (Fantasy)

[Verse #2]
My life is a checklist that’ll never be completed
Coz when I finish one thing I gotta add 5 things right beneath it
I could teach in Ivy Leagues & I believe it
That is all I really need, I don’t need a Whiskey bottle
Coz I’m dreaming in the Sleepy Hollow, while I’m reading novels
Imma sell this better than Pablo
My future is looking more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe
From the Highway To Hell to the El Camino
From the Stairway To Heaven to the El Dorado
I chase the darkness with a faded heart
And I’m turning my pain to the greatest art
There is nothing that I won’t do
I don’t want you to know me but I really wanna know you
Everybody got a fantasy (Fantasy)
Everybody got a fantasy (Fantasy)
Never told anybody how alone I’ve become
Put on my hoodie, so please don’t disturb me
I don’t wanna see anyone
I go to sleep whenever I see the sun
Look at every single thing that I’ve done
I feel so right when I’m in the moonlight
I just love the night coz she’s fun
Dressed in all black
She’s got diamonds all up in the hand
I don’t wanna fall in love but she’s so full of mysteries
The only romance that she knows
Is the kiss of death
She loves that I got a good intellect
She understands and gives me the wink
So I know that I got her interest

It is a Trappy New Year (Fantasy)
This is my Trappy New Year (Fantasy)
Yes it is a Trappy New Year (Fantasy)
This is my Trappy New Year (Fantasy)

Fantasy X4


  • Vaibhav Bhardwaj
  • Sankul Thakur
  • Manit Prashar
  • F8L (Ayushya Dhir)
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  • Project Type:
  • Length:
    4 minutes 16 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 21, 2019
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