This is an International Dance Film Festival and is held in October from 2 to 11 in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
It takes place within the DanceTTack program, a festival that includes live dance, workshops, discussion forums, professional meetings and other activities.
The projections are made in different municipalities of the island for a week. Prizes are revealed on the last day.

- Best international dance movie
- Best regional dance movie.
- Choise for co production.

Deadline is September 1, 2020.
• The International Dance Cinema contest, DanzaTTack2020, is competitive in nature.
• The maximum duration of the work submitted will be 20 minutes, including credits.
• Each material must be accompanied by the participation form and the authorization for the issuance completed.
• The videos submitted to the International Dance Cinema contest, DanzaTTack2020, will be shown in the Cultural Center of El Sauzal and other alternative spaces on the date estimated by the organization, depending on the final program established and will be between days 1 and 31 of October, notifying you at These projections are organized without profit, however, express authorization is requested from their producers in order to make the corresponding exhibitions.
• Documentary works and those not considered Dance Cinema are expressly excluded.
1.- Prize for the best film work, endowed with five hundred euros (€500)
2.- Prize for the best Canarian film work, endowed with five hundred euros (€500), and
3.- Selection for co-production, endowed with five hundred euros (€500), consisting of the selection of a filmmaker to co-produce a new work that must be premiered at DanzaTTack2021.
• If necessary for the understanding of the piece, it is recommended that it be subtitled in Spanish.
• The amount of the prizes may vary based on other supports received by the festival.
• Prizes may be declared void..
• The official selection will be made public on social networks and on the festival website.
• Participation in the contest implies acceptance of the rules. The jury's verdict is final.