I was born in (Recife, 1979), i studied the degree in Social Communication in Brazil, a postgraduate degree in Pedagogical and Scenic Projects at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (VIC), as well as the International Master degree in Communication and Education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).
I was selected twice for the Circuits of the Black Barcelona Ecuentro (2019/2020) and received an honorable mention at the 5th Festival of Poetry in Lisbon (2020) with the poem (In) Emotional Stability, for its impact and social relevance.
I have also collaborated on projects like Consciência Afro (Madrid), the Barcelona Poetry Festival (2019) and projects from the Escola Superior de Audiovisual de Catalunya-Escac (2019), to name a few. Among other cities, my work has been exhibited in cities like Recife (Brazil), Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona.
In the proposal of my work, I seek to explore the physical commitment of musicality and its relationship with textuality, as well as the experimentation of new sound relations in the performative practices. In “Natura” I offer experiences of sound stimulation to transform the perception of what is lived and observed, the result of the desire to discover how to reconstruct reality.
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