"YAOYOROZU" is a video of the stage performed in a certain shrine in Japan.
OBA, a contemporary dance artist and the first person in popping dance in Japan, danced on the subject of Japanese mythology at the Nonomiya Shrine in Gifu prefecture, on April 20, 2018.
In Japan, there is a word of "YAOYOROZU NO KAMI (It means "eight million deities")", and there is a unique view of religion that deity dwells in all natural things.
The stage that expresses the dance of the gods rooted in the area in a new way is said to have opened up a new frontier in the Japanese dance scene in terms of the fusion of tradition and modernity.
The stage that impressed many people became a film work.

-About the Deities that are the subject of the dance-
"Five Heads Dragon & Benten"
Five Heads Doragon and Benten are deities that appear in the legends of Kamakura and Enoshima.
A long time ago, a five-headed dragon ruined the villages of the region, worked an evil, and tormented people. One time, a big earthquake happened, Enoshima appeared on the sea, and beautiful Benten appeared from the sky. The dragon who fell in love at first sight with the beauty of Benten apply for marriage but is pointed out bad behavior and refused. The dragon did not give up and promised future good deeds, and finally they got married.
Later, the dragon made it rain when it was sunning, prevent the typhoon, push back the tsunami, and protect people from disasters.
It is said that in the end, the exhausted dragon have turned into mountains and are still protecting people.

Okuninushi is the main deity of Nonomiya Shrine, which is the stage of this time.
According to "Kojiki" and "Nippon Shoki", which are the oldest legends in Japan, He is said to be the deity who have developed Japan's current land area and popularized agriculture, commerce and medical care.

  • OBA
  • OBA
  • OBA
    Key Cast
  • Nobuko Takahara
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Music Video
  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes 2 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 31, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    20,000 USD
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Director Biography - OBA


Dance Competition & Battle
2005&06 KING OF NY 2on2 Dance Battle (USA) Winner
2005 FunkStyleConference1on1 Dance Battle (USA) Winner
2007 Beatronic 1on1 Dance Battle (Japan) Winner
2008 Tokyo Dance Delight vol.9 Winner
2008&09 JapanDanceDelight Vol.15&16 Finalist
2010 Geneva Unique 1on1 Dance Battle (Swiss) Overall Winner
2015 JapanDanceDelight Vol.22 Finalist
2015 Crazy Robots 4on4 DanceBattle(China) Winner
2016 NYC Popping Dance Contest (USA) SecondPlace
2016 WorldDanceColiseum JAPAN 2on2 Popping Battle Winner
2016 JapanDanceDelight Vol.23 Finalist
2006 Performed in Apollo Theater as a member of Rhythmatic Funk Movement, which is a dance group Jazzy J led.
2008 Had a show in Rock Festival Going KOBE, as a guest performers, Mirai Moriyama × S.E.P.
2013 Collaborating with Nobuko Takahara in [An earthly paradise] at Kiba earth+Gallery
2013 Produced and performed a impromptu performance group, KAMIHITOE, with Beat Boxer TATSUYA
2014 Co-production and performance in [Pieta] with Kenta Shibasaki who wrote and directed the show
2014 [Kyoen (Sympathetic chance) –improvised performance-]Co-production with Shoji Yasushi and KUMA
2014 Released [natural phenomenon]as a selected work in an international projection mapping competition, Media Artz Zushi
2014 Solo performed [Soul Fire-Leaping flames to your soul-] in KAMAKURA DANCE FESTIVAL2014
2015 Sound Horizon 9th Story Concert 『Nein』
2016 New National Theatre Tokyo「Hybrid – Rhythm&Dance」
2016 「Hybrid – Rhythm & Dance 」Spain Basque Tours
2017 Linked Horizon Live Tour 2017「 Kiseki of Shingeki 」
2018 【 Gozuryu•BengTeng•Ohkuninushi 】Nonomiya Shrine – Director& Performance
2018 【 Amenimomakezu – Tree of Life – @TAISHO Univ. 】- Director&Performance
2014 Appeared in MV of Kazuya Yoshii『Yoshii Funk Jr.~Kore ga Genten (This is the Origin)!!~』
2014 Performed in CM of Samsung GALAXY Note Edge
2015 YOJI BIOMEHANIKA with MC STRETCH / The Place For Freedom (Samurai)
2017 Japanese Movie「BAKEMONO」Starring
2018 NHK World「Songs of Tokyo」Linked Horizon – Dance
2018 Japanese Short Movie「Hinoiri no Kaze」 – Dance

2006~09 Established NPO group named ”Kyoyu-Kukan” which visits welfare facilities and has dance workshops/dance shows
2006~09 Hosted the welfare events, “Hito=Bito(Human=Human)” at Club Citta
2013 Made Kyoyu-Kukan an incorporated NPO, and OBA was installed as the representative
2014 Visited Hanoi in Vietnam as the judge from Japan for a dance battle[Wonder Funk]
2014 Collaboration work with photographer Saori Ozaki, “Shiosai”, is exhibited in Fruits Exhibition in Bologna, which is one of the biggest art event in Italy
2016 Kamakura City Sponsorship 「 KAMAKURA ART SESSION 」 Planning&Performance
2017 KamakuraCity〜Shimane Izumo Shrine 767km IpponGETA&JikaTabi Journey with Daisuke Omiya For Short Movie「 Hinoiri no Kaze 」
2018 Issey Miyake Session one Model – Domus
2018 【Step by Walk to be Dancing】Kamakuracity〜Shiga 445km IpponGETA&JikaTabi Journey – Planning / Direction / Performance : OBA&IGA
2019 Made Art production 『Atelier Sixxx』with IGA
2019 Issey Miyake Session one Model – Pen

Add Director Biography
Director Statement

I am a Dancer.

My Dance is not for only Business.

My Dance is My Life.


Step by walk , to be Dancing.

One Step One Life