Dance Floor

Come on boy let's hit the
Dance Floor
I got something to make you want more
It's amazing let me take you on a tour
Come on boy let's hit the
Dance Floor

It's going to be electrifying tonight
The club is racing like the beat of my heart
I'm get to know the guy right next to me
It take an earthquake to pull us a part
If it's tumbling down to the ground
I whether see the club rock the house
I'm take my clothes off
Speaking: I like the way he feel when we touch

Repeat Chorus

Show off the two piece bikini tight on my crutch
The pain is shocking but it got me saying ouch
If this the dance screw honey
I'm make you pay all of your money
Long as the club is jumping
I'm give you more of the humping
The club is non stopping
So DJ keep this beat coming

Repeat Chorus

Male Vocalist: Girl I see you hug up on him
This lady is nice but you got my appetite begging for a bite
We can switch off long as the lights dinner out
I got what it takes to make you shout

Female Vocalist: Come on baby do it to me
Long as you are my fantasies
So go ahead and tell
I'm a Femme Fatale

Repeat Chorus

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