Daily Motion II

The secrets, lies, and deceit within a religious dynasty is destroying the relationships they magnanimously present as perfect. Daily Motion drama series delves beyond the religious facade to bring you the human story from it's truest perspective. By unveiling intimate secrets and truths that threaten our relationships and trust in God, this true to life story is sure to open up real conversations and lead us on a path of healing. The story will touch your heart, try your strength, and question your faith as you embark on this journey of a life of continuous healing.

  • Olayemi Champion-Odusola
    Daily Motion 1
  • Olayemi Champion-Odusola
    Daily Motion 1
  • Olayemi Champion-Odusola
    Daily Motion1
  • Afolake Olasimbo
    Daily Motion 1
  • Joseph Jaiyeoba
    Character, Love and Lust, Daily Motion 1
  • Olayemi Champion-Odusola
    Key Cast
    Daily Motion 1
  • Joseph Jaiyeoba
    Key Cast
    Daily Motion 1
  • Ronke Adeyemi
    Key Cast
    "Rolake Obafemi"
    Daily Motion 1
  • Olumide Oluwole
    Key Cast
    "Pastor Obafemi"
    Daily Motion 1
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 57 minutes 52 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 10, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    100,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Olayemi Champion-Odusola

Dr. Olayemi Champion-Odusola is a vibrant and multifaceted artist. As the world of science and art collide it births a vibrant and creatively analytical filmmaker, musician, physician, and writer with a knack for realistic depiction and sensitive story telling that brings real life accuracy to the screen. Daily Motion 2 is the second in the drama series under this independent filmmaker's belt and it stops at nothing to leave it's audience gasping for more.

A resident of Chicago, Illinois, she studied theater and engaged in several theatrical performances while in school alongside her major of medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Champion is the founder and president of Xquizit ProDOCtionz.
She is the creator, writer, and producer of the drama series Daily Motion and the host of the Daily Motion Haven of Love talk series, an online talk forum that employs a multidisciplinary approach to have realistic conversations about life, health, and faith. She is the the writer and performer of the Daily Motion soundtrack.

She is an inspirational speaker and is actively engaged in young adult, women, family, health, mental health, and relationship seminars in her community.
Alongside her passion for filmmaking she is in full time practice as a family physician and enjoys performing music with her band on the weekends while raising a family with her husband.

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Director Statement

As humans, there is an unspoken expectation to cover up our wounds and pain and make our lives appear perfect. This has never ceased to amaze me because scientifically I am aware that there is natural disinfection and healing associated with exposure and aeration of wounds. This culture has permeated our entire world and seats deeply rooted in our religious communities allowing issues of great pain to fester into unimaginable torture while we go about our processes of perfection display.

Amazingly I have seen this same concept play out in my examintation rooms where patients lie about symtoms to avoid being put on medication or lie about compliance with their treatment recommendations. It is a greater pain to me, as a woman of color, that these issues have a greater social impact amongst minority communities.

Isn’t it amazing that the very places where we should be most truthful and authentic so that we can get the help we need is where we put up appearances of perfection? If the clinic and the church are indeed places of healing, why then do we mask our pain as we magnanimously present our facade clamored body mobiles in a grand display of empty rituals?

This is what led me to write and produce both seasons of the drama series Daily Motion. Alongside my passion for music, I believe in drama as an effective tool of depicting the commonality of these issues in our communities and propagating healing. My specific area of passion is using drama to highlight sensitive issues that people may not readily discuss as they are deep areas of hurt and stigmatization. These include issues of mental heath disorders, domestic violence and abuse, infidelity, infertility, rape, parenting problems, marital discord, grief, sexual dysfunction, divorce, women's health issues, addiction and so much more. The unfortunate reality is that when these situations are left unaddressed, they eventually harm our relationships, health, families, and the society at large. The undeniable truth is that women are disproportionately adversely affected by these conditions.

This series delves beyond the facade to bring you the human story from it's truest perspective. Unveiling intimate secrets, lies, and truths that threaten our relationships and trust in God, this dramatic family series is sure to touch your heart, try your strength, and question your faith while pointing you in the direction of healing.

I believe that the visual cues are helpful to raise awareness among people who may be in similar situations that they are not alone. It helps them to identify with the issues, realize that they don't have to suppress their experiences, and that they can speak out. The drama series also helps to point them in the right directions to seek help as it emphasizes the importance of support groups, therapy and seeking help.

In addition to the drama series, the Daily Motion Haven of love is an online support group that creates a safe space not only to raise awareness of the issues but also encourages people to communicate them and utilizing a multidisciplinary approach with various specialists point them to the resources they need to pursue a life of continous healing.

The path to healing is first one of recognition, admission, and openness to the communication of the issues.