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A well-known radio personality in his late twenties meets and develops a sexual relationship with one of his regular listeners. As a result, the couple decides to share an apartment, which in time does not work in their favor, ultimately resulting in him compelling her to move out with zero contact between the two. Twenty-one years later, a young girl lands a career opportunity at the same workplace as the now older, more mature, and married man. As circumstances would have it, the girl is the unbeknownst daughter from the past relationship. The girl takes an emotional and risky road to build the perfect relationship to fill in the void of what she had been searching for for all of her life; a father.

  • Karlton Lewis Ruffin
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Karlton Lewis Ruffin

Karlton L. Ruffin is an American Screenwriter, born June 18, 1970 to Naval Officer Bennie L. Ruffin, Jr. and wife Ernestine Ruffin. At an early age, Karlton had a passion for watching kid's programming on television, which his favorite show was The New Zoo Revue. Often acting out the parts of Freddie The Frog, Karlton acquired the skills for acting and creative thinking.
At the age of six, those creative skills were put to use as Karlton's father would often compel him to write detailed essays of the events that had taken place throughout his day. From that, Karlton also acquired creative writing skills.
These skills carried on to Karlton's years in high school. Being inspired by Sylvester Stallone's film 'First Blood', Karlton wrote his first screenplay, 'The Devastators (1986).
It was four years later (1990) during Karlton's days of hanging out on the campus of Hampton University in Hampton Virginia, he rekindled his passion for writing. Now being inspired by the very comedic lifestyles and events taking place with various girls on campus, Ruffin sat down to write his first feature, 'Campus Heartbreak (later renamed '(N 2 Deep). The script gained recognition from various Hollywood production companies, but due to bad business with dishonest and shady agents, Ruffin was never to land a deal with the script. Ruffin's passion for writing did not stop as he was determined that the bad incident would not keep him from writing bigger and better scripts. In 2001, Ruffin focused on writing full time, in hopes of writing and gaining the attention of executives that would land him that one deal to launch his writing career. Since 2001, Ruffin has gone on to write eighteen more screenplays with titles such as Classic Case (2001), Shaulin Palace (2002), Basta (2003), Figmented (2005), Deeper Than B4 (N 2 Deep sequel) in 2006, and later titles such as Unbreakable Chain, Gates Of Yuletide, Remote Twins, and his latest script entitled Daddy.
In 2021, Karlton continues to research, polish his skills, and write high quality movie scripts.

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Writer Statement

With this script, 'Daddy' the person that has faced the challenge of growing up without a father will relate to the character's struggles. Using situations that are actual events will give the viewers a sense of realness and authenticity. Also the criteria of military statements and procedures were carefully researched and placed into the script. This element for those in the military will certainly help them to relate to the movie, having to have gone through the same training and other elements that make up the military. I've also utilized high emotional content for all character's, enabling the viewers to connect with each of them, ultimately enabling them to feel the emotions themselves, which will keep the viewers engaged throughout the film.