The DYSPLA INTERNATIONAL MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL has now been awarded Arts Council Funding to produce one of the most exciting events in film festival history. Due to the delay in securing extra funding, we have now had to push the festival, originally scheduled for November 2017, back to 2018.

DYSPLA INTERNATIONAL MOVING IMAGE FESTIVAL is the world's first festival dedicated to screening the visual innovation of dyslexic and neurodiverse story makers. The one-day event aim's to explore the term 'dyslexic aesthetic' and act as a foundation for further research into the term, 'dyslexic narrative'.

DYSPLA hopes to mix the elements of a film festival with an art gallery approach by not only presenting innovation in dyslexic filmmaking but by challenging how the audience experiences the moving image.

All Award-winning films will be played simultaneously. The audience will tune into each film with a radio transmitter, giving the audience the opportunity to experience multiple films at the same time.

In another room/space, a Video DJ* will edit live creating a new film from our award-winning filmmakers.

Dyslexic and Neurodiverse filmmakers have a strong heritage in cinematic history. Stan Brakhage, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Joe Wright and Steven Spielberg, are a few filmmakers that share dyslexia as their commonality and as their genius.

DYSPLA was established in 2007 to exhibit and produce the work of dyslexic and neurodiverse story makers. From our early stages, we have produced and exhibited work internationally, establishing ourselves at the forefront of the dyslexic and neurodiverse creative community.


All submissions will be eligible for award consideration. There will be 4 handmade 'wearable' awards* by jewellery designer Sari Rathel. We are also working to secure mentorships with industry professional's who will make up our panel speakers on the night. All award-winning films will also go on tour to a selection of universities in London and across the country.

The awards will be judged by DYSPLA’s esteemed panel made up of elite members of the creative industry and presented at the Gala event in London, UK 2018

*Awards Designed by Sari Rathel


• All Films must be submitted on 30th November 2017.

• All Films submitted must have a dyslexic/neurodivergent Director or/and Writer.

• DYSPLA considers both new and old films for competitive sections. There is no completion date restriction.

• Any genre and any length of film will be considered – anything under 45 minutes is classified as a short, anything over 45 minutes is classified as a feature.