The DVMISSION 48-Hour Film Challenge has been inspiring filmmakers for the last fourteen years. Teams are given a film ‘genre, title and line of dialogue’ at 5.00pm on Friday night. They then have just 48-hours to return on Sunday with a finished two-minute film.

The 2019 DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge takes place from 5pm Friday 1st March to 5pm Sunday 3rd March.

The 2019 DVMISSION obstructions will be released via our social media channels at 5pm Friday 1st March. (,,

Don't forget the DVMISSION PRESENTS immersive experience, premier night, awards ceremony and after party from 7pm Saturday 9th March at The Wedgewood Rooms, Albert Road, Portsmouth. For more details about DVMISSION PRESENTS visit our website at:

What makes DVMISSION amazing is the Premier Night featuring the ‘film screenings, award ceremony and after party’ it's an amazing celebration of filmmaking passion and talent. Come along to the Premier Night to join in the excitement as audience & teams see who has won the much coveted ‘Pompey Oscars’. Put on your finest glad rags and join in with the party.

“It’s the Sex Pistols meets the Oscars!”
Audience feedback (2008)

“Lights, Camera's and Rock n Roll”
Roy Hanney MISSION Producer (2007)

“It’s better than Christmas!”
Audience feedback (2011)

Find out more about DVMISSION & watch the films from previous challenges on our YouTube Channel.

The Pompey Oscars are awarded for:
1. Best Film (professional)
2. BestFilm (non-professional)
3. Best Actor
4. Best Actress
5. Most Cinematic Moment
6. Best Sound Design
7. Best Editing
8. Most Inspired Prop
9. Most Astonishing Special Effect
10. Best Story
11. Spirit of DVMISSION (judges special award)
12. The Audience Raved About it! (premier night audience vote)
13. The Social Media Award! Let us know all about your filmmaking experience, use #DVMission19 to share you behind the scenes moments!

Plus this year we are introducing prizes for the best dressed people on the night!


1st November the 2019 DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge is open for submissions


1. Read the RULES & FAQ (see below) and make sure you understand what the requirements are for a successful entry into the DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge.

2. Teams should then set up a profile in the name of your lead contact or team (if you don’t already have a team name then time to get creative). Then set up a project to submit in your TEAM NAME.

3. Provide contact details for at least one team member including phone and email address.

4. Select DVMISSION from the list of festivals on and start the submission process which will register your team in the challenge. Make sure your submit your project with your TEAM NAME as its title.

5. You should pay the entry fee and provide contact details for the lead team member.

6. Once you have received the ‘acceptance email’ your participation in the challenge is confirmed.

7. The initial submission and registration process must be completed before Friday 22nd February 2019 after which we will no longer be accepting applicants for the 2019 challenge.

8. Now sit tight, get the 2019 ‘obstructions’ at 5pm, Friday 1st March (these will be released via our social media channels so you need to be following us on FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram or sign up to receive notifications via the website).

9. Make your film between 5pm 1st March to 5pm 3rd March and complete the submissions process by uploading your film along with your press kit following instructions on

10. You should then receive an email confirming your film has been accepted for the competition in the next couple of days (assuming you have followed the rules and you are intending to be at the premier night in person).

11. Now purchase your tickets for the premier night, 7pm till late, Saturday 9th March at The Wedgewood Rooms. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or from the box office, while there will be tickets on sale on the night, there is a limited number of seats available and we would advise you book in advance to ensure you get in, otherwise it is first come first served. Teams will be eligible for 4 free tickets tickets plus they can purchase tickets at the advance price from the box office on the night.

12. Start planning your outfit and remember there is a dress code!

13. Have fun and enjoy the after party.

The DVMISSION rules and FAQ should answer all of your questions and tell you all you need to know about taking part in a DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge.


- Does DVMISSION cost anything?

DVMISSION is a not-for-profit event. Everyone gives their time for free from filmmakers to organisers. However, it still costs to put the event on and to manage the organisation throughout the year. For this reason, there will be a charge for teams to enter the challenge. This entry fee can be paid through PayPal when you apply through We will also be charging an entry fee at the premier night to pay for venue hire fees, awards, PA and Projector hire and so on.

Tickets to the DVMISSION PRESENTS event are discounted for challenge teams (each team will receive four discounted tickets at roughly 50% of the normal ticket price) and include entry to the Premier Film Screening, Awards Ceremony, Immersive Cinema Experience and entry to the Infamous After party.

- Who can enter?

We have had teams enter from all walks of life. We welcome amateur, independent and professional film makers. UK, international, local, distant, interplanetary or inter-solar, anyone can take part. You can use any kit from; mobile phones, domestic DV cameras to pro kit such as REDs, Black Magics or you can even shoot on film if you want to.

- Do I have to come to Portsmouth to enter the challenge?

You don’t have to be in Portsmouth to cross the start and finish lines. However, we do request that you come to Portsmouth for DVMISSION PRESENTS (if you do not attend the event your film will not be screened and will not be eligible for an award). As part of the submission process you may be required to show evidence that you have purchased at least one ticket for the DVMISSION PRESENTS event.

- So how does it all work?

The 'Challenge Start Line' will be at 5pm on the Friday night of the challenge weekend and the ‘obstructions’ (i.e. title, genre and line of dialogue) will be announced via email and social media channels so you should ensure you are following us somewhere somehow. If necessary, arrangements can be made to phone you the ‘obstructions’.

The 'Challenge Finish Line' will be at 5pm on the Sunday night of the challenge weekend. In order to finish you must start uploading your film to FILMFREEWAY.COM before the 5pm deadline.


Meet all the teams, watch the films, pick up an award at the glitzy award ceremony and blow off some steam at the infamous after party. It has been described as 'the Sex Pistols meets the Oscars', 'its better than Christmas!' It is the highlight of the whole event.

- How old do I need to be to enter?

At least one team member must be 16 or older (additional actors can be any age) however you should be aware that some films shown at the premier may include adult themes or content that may not, in some cases be suitable for children (that said we have never had a problem with young people taking part in the past).

- How many people are there in a team?

Your team can have as many members as you wish. The application from asks for one main contact for MISSION updates though you can add more. Your contact details will not be passed on to third parties.

- What if I just want to come to DVMISSION PRESENTS?

We welcome audience members to DVMISSION PRESENTS. Its a great evening with lots of energy and excitement. If you are interested in the cutting edge of independent film production, this is the place to be.

- Do I have to dress up to come to DVMISSION PRESENTS?

Oh yes! Costume de rigueur for carnival: themed, blinged, cocktail, black tie, white tie, posh frocks, mysticore, my little pony. But interpret the dress code as you wish. We have seen everything from Vivian Westwood to Mohawks and kilts. We also have prizes for the best dressed in response to the theme/genre.


i) All teams must register a profile with FILMFREEWAY.COM and upload a finished 2 minute film by 5pm on the Sunday of the challenge weekend. Films should be submitted as H264, MP4, ideally in 1080P and in a standard film ratio. (4:3, 16:9 or cinema wide)

ii) Your film will only be eligible to be screened and for awards if you attend the DVMISSION PRESENTS event the Saturday following the challenge weekend.

iii) DVMISSION does not offer refunds on team registration so please don’t ask.

iv) You will be required to submit a press kit and contact details for at least one team member with your submission (see submission guidelines on FILMFREEWAY.COM).

v) All team members must be 16 or older (additional actors can be any age).

vi) You will be issued with a series of 'obstructions' i.e. a film title, genre and line of dialogue that must be used in your film.

vii) Your film must be no longer than 2 minutes including titles and credits. If your film does not meet this time limit, it might still be accepted, but it will be ineligible for an award.

viii) All films will be viewed first by the judges and if deemed unsuitable for screening they will not be entered. Unsuitable refers to but is not limited to, any thing racist, explicitly sexual, explicitly violent or with strong drug connotations. The judge’s decision is final.

ix) If we feel you have cheated by “padding” your film with work you have prepared in advance, we will disqualify you. It is at the judge’s discretion as to what is 'padded'.

x) In submitting your film to DVMISSION you acknowledge that you hold all licensing and copyright permission for all the material used in your film (including any actors and any sound effects or music). Any breach of copyright will mean your film cannot be accepted for the competition.

xi) By entering the competition you agree to license DVMISSION to show your film at the premier night and in the future including public screenings, online, broadcast and other media channels and platforms, worldwide, in perpetuity. We may not be able to contact you if we do show your film in the future and your film may be edited by a third party. DVMISSION reserves the right to use your film to raise funds for future DVMISSION Challenges.


Overall Rating
  • My first ever DVMission experience and it was a good one, will be entering again next year.
    Well done to everyone at DVMission.

    April 2018
  • Mel Boxall

    DVMission is an accessible, welcoming and highly creative 48 hour film making experience. The Worcester Massive have thoroughly enjoyed our tenth year taking part and winning our first ‘proper’ award. Attention to detail at the premier night was exceptional and it was an immersive, absorbing and brilliantly entertaining night with some fabulous film making showcased. We will be back!!

    March 2018
  • Ben Grace

    DV Mission is an excellent festival, from start to finish. The screening itself was by far the most fun, most immersive festival experience I've ever had. I would highly recommend taking part and attending the screening. I know that I'll be back next year.

    March 2018
  • Tippers Pritchard

    I love DV Mission, it's an awesome challenge and it's great fun... The awards ceremony is a fantastic night.

    May 2017
  • Jenna Lions

    Well... What was it like you ask ? ... We all know the answer, and if you don't, then you should definitely get involved next year !

    March 2017