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DVD & Chill

In the City of Angels, a jungle filled with predators & opportunists perpetually on the prowl, Zora a beautifully exotic groupie wants nothing more than to rub shoulders with her celebrity obsession & Hollywood hunk Shemar Moor. So she arranges to spend the evening watching a DVD at her condo with Moor's handsome slick tongued half-brother Cyrano in a ploy to use him as a stepping stone to Shemar. But Cyrano, hip to the hustle, & out to quench the thirst of his own desire, plots to use his charm & the fame of his half-brother as bait to seduce Zora. And as their movie glimmers, these two sexy beasts hunt one another & by the end of an intimate evening, one will never be the same.

  • Johnny Ray Gill
  • Johnny Ray Gill
  • Johnny Ray Gill
  • Johnny Ray Gill
    Key Cast
    "Cyrano Moor"
  • Anya Engels - Adams
    Key Cast
    "Zora Neale-Angelou"
  • Colton Davie
    RESTRAINT (Best Cinematography - Marverick Movie Awards), Broke A$$ Rich Kid (New Media Star award)
  • Paco Sweetman
    The Sermon (Best Editor) - HollyShorts), Group B (Student Academy Awards - Honorary Foreign Film Award)
  • Patrick Jean-Jospeh
  • Sheila Nortley
  • Aleeah Sutton
  • Johnny Ray Gill
    Executive Producers
  • Tangela Gill
    Executive Producers
  • Lorene Chesley
    Executive Producers
  • Alexis Winter
    Executive Producers
  • Annie Le
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Cedie Janson
  • Alexis Winter
    Casting Director
  • Laramie Dennis
    Script Supervisor
  • Emma Croft
  • Michael D. Martino
    First Assistant Director
  • Parker Ronan
    First Assistant Camera
  • Mitchell Sacco
    Second Assistant Camera
  • Peter Koocheradis
  • Andrew Small
    Key Grip
  • Nina Potts
  • Richard Gumps III
  • James Ridgley
    Production Sound Mixer
  • Cyrus Wymer
    Boom Op
  • Israel Bañuelos
    Sound Editor
  • Daniel Calvo
    Visual Effects
  • Ben Watts
  • James Shannon
    Graphic Designer
  • Jeffery Alan Jones
    Sound Mix
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Sattire, Comedy
  • Runtime:
    18 minutes 5 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 12, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Johnny Ray Gill

Johnny Ray recently completed filming the tv series CROSS, Amazon’s new psychological thriller based on the best-selling book series Alex Cross by James Patterson. Created by Ben Watkins, Johnny Ray stars opposite Aldis Hodge and Ryan Eggold as Bobby Trey, a deadly and cunning ex-DC police officer from Shreveport who fake smiles a lot and is motivated by money. CROSS premieres in 2024.

In other news, Johnny Ray has been working on Oscar winner Gore Verbinski’s top-secret new animated feature. It’s top secret soooo duh, he can’t tell you anything about it... but he can say he’s best known for his critically acclaimed work opposite Aden Young on RECTIFY, which is consistently lauded as one of the best tv series of all-time. He’s the voice of HOG RIDER in Supercell’s hit video game CLASH OF CLANS and has been praised for his work on UNDERGROUND leading next to Jurnee Smollett. He’s made audiences laugh as SEX HENRY opposite Nicole Byer on GRAND CREW, and in Robert & Michelle King’s CBS satire BRAINDEAD, starring with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Tony Shalhoub. Johnny Ray headlines Isaiah Smallman’s feature comedy ROLLERS available on Amazon and Apple TV. You’ve also seen him opposite Kathy Bates on NBC’s HARRY’S LAW and in episodes of SNOWFALL, TRUE BLOOD, CHICAGO PD, NCIS, and the UNITED STATES OF AL. Johnny Ray would also like to remind everyone he isn’t related to New Edition Singer Johnny Gill. Nope, not his dad. His dad is the breadmaking Johnny Gill, who can’t sing a lick and was raised in Portland, Oregon.

Johnny Ray is a plant zaddy, a poet and a rapper. He taught advanced acting at California Lutheran University and has a sneaker and stuffed animal collection. Depending on the occasion, you can find him with a glass of whiskey or reposado, but at all times Johnny Ray is an activist and freedom fighter whose mission is to create deeply personal and entertaining stories that decolonize minds, elevate the diaspora, and restore our beautiful planet, cuz nothing we do is possible if Earth kills everybody. Morbid, but them be facts. 🤷🏾‍♂️

PS: Vote!

IG & Twitter: @JohnnyRayGill

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Director Statement

You’ve done this. We all have – gone to or invited a relative stranger inside your home to watch a movie. Some have good intentions, others do not, but how can you know? Do you care? These meet cutes can be awkward, can be steamy, they can be frightening, but what if in one night they’re all of the above…

DVD & Chill swept over me like a wave after an intense dream. And like a dream, the film stylistically exists in a figurative purgatory where many dimensions intersect. It’s why we wake from dreams often disoriented and confused or filled with passion, lust, inspiration, gratitude, or empathy, because reality exists on a curve. You can jump off a cliff, morph into a walrus, and fuck your ex all at the same time. The film is born from this dark realm.

Furthermore, DVD & Chill comes from my urge to tell a Hitchcockian story with people of color at its center. The film begins overlooking the entirety of Los Angeles, the city of angels, yet a city filled with demons, both human and otherwise, predators and opportunists, and in this film two of them do battle. And like any rare encounter between predators large and small, there’s tension and suspense, but also trickery in the pursuit of one’s prey. And it’s through this trickery the film finds its dark humor via celebrity worship and thus its satire.

Culturally, American people are obsessed with celebrity, and to me it’s a huge issue. It’s why a reality TV personality is President and crowds cheer when Oprah, the Rock, and Kanye flirt with running for the highest office. Many look to celebrities as deities to solve complex problems and seek their counsel in crisis no matter how unqualified. Celebrity is unmatched currency and many also feel they own these people. Cyrano, one of the film’s two central characters, the half-brother of Shemar Moor, spends his brother’s currency like a sticky trap to obtain what he otherwise couldn’t. Zora, the other title character feels a dire need to own this celebrity. She needs to taste it, hold it, and caress it for herself, which is why she’s on a spiritual mission to do so.

The subtext of this film gnaws at my insides and very much excites me, like all those concertgoers who took their pilgrimage to see Beyonce. I want to explore this absurdism that's become reality more in a feature. DVD & Chill additionally explores colorism and the seductive power of light skin. It connects past and present and the living and spirit worlds. At its core, we unpack a lot in this short, but hey you’ve watched movies with relative strangers before and anything can happen, right?