The Digital Arts Technology Academy at Cathedral City High School presents the Second Annual Digital Storytelling Short Film Festival (aka DS Fest). DS Fest was started with a do-it-yourself mindset. No pretenses. No politics. Just great storytelling and a lot of fun.

DS Fest is a celebration of student work. As such, we will try to have great prizes if possible, but the festival is about celebrating work more than earning prizes. Screened entries will receive a certificate of recognition.

This is the first time DS Fest has included outside submissions. All genres of independent student-created film/cinema/video projects are welcome as long as they're appropriate for a general audience.

Submitted work is reviewed by a panel of judges that includes Academy instructors, student ambassadors, and industry professionals.

Submissions will be received using FilmFreeway. Projects selected to screen will need to submit a full-quality version via USB flash drive, Dropbox, Vimeo link, carrier pigeon, or other means.

Top work is recognized in submission categories as well as technical and creative achievement, such as writing, directing, editing and sound design.

All work must be created by high school students within the past 12 months (from the submission deadline). No professional or adult aid may be given, with the exception of faculty advising. Submissions must follow copyright law.

Entries must be under 5 minutes in length (2-3 minutes is preferred).

Judging and screenings will be in English. If your project is in a language other than English, it needs to be subtitled prior to submission.

Projects selected to screen must submit a full-quality quicktime (.mov) via USB flash drive, Dropbox, or other means.