Love melds the races together when a smart, spirited slave uses her intelligence, determination, and personal magnetism to realize her dreams by capturing the heart of her beloved plantation owner on her way to earning a PhD.

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  • 2018 Capital Fund Screenplay Competition

    October 1, 2018
    Top 50 Features
  • The 2018 Indie Gathering Film Festival Screenplay Competition

    September 15, 2018
    First Place Feature Drama
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From: Kristina Michelle <kristina@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2018 7:22:55 AM
To: wordcrafter@outlook.com
Subject: Re: The Indie Gathering: Results
“Hello. We are pleased to inform you that judging results have been finalized for The 2018 Indie Gathering, and ‘Dreams of Dogwood’ has won 1st place in the drama feature script category. Congratulations!”
Yeah, this email felt pretty good. Had a good few days. Then I went back to work polishing my new comedy, ‘The Law of Dogma’. All of my work lately seems to be dog this or dog that. Not sure why that is.
I cut my chops with a Midwest production company, ‘The John B. Rogers Producing Company’, staging historical re-enactments in stadiums in the Midwest and South. Kind of an auteur thing. Designed sets, wrote scripts, cast and directed about 250 actors, directed tech, taught farmers and their wives and daughters how to do the cha cha and the can can. (Didn’t sew any costumes.) Tons of fun and even got paid for it.
I finally migrated to LA figuring I’d parlay this experience into some movie business job (along with two or three million other saps). I got as far as volunteering for some AFI production work, pursuant to a friend who actually paid AFI tuition. I also did a UCLA extension directing stint and pounded out a script, based on the true story of an iconoclastic solar energy entrepreneur. Sydney Pollack passed.
Then I began living somebody else’s life, actually a bunch of other people. A few years ago I decided to live my own life and began writing. But first I studied the craft, ala about a dozen screenwriting books, which most of you have also read or know about.
I have a small body of work, about a half dozen scripts, two of which are production-ready; my Indie winner, ‘Dreams of Dogwood’, a Civil War period piece which will require some deep pockets, and my comedy, ‘The Law of Dogma’, with a CGI Boston terrier with transcendental powers. Yes, ‘the supernatural power bit has been overdone’. That’s actually a line in the script.
So, writing has given me an outlet for my overactive imagination. My hope is to share my stories and characters with the rest of the world and inspire people to laugh and love with reflective wonder.

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