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DOSE: Episode 1 Psilocybin "Ghost In The Mushroom"

Faced with the trauma of losing his wife, successful fashion maven Jeremy (Dominic Bogart) finds himself on the edge of a total psychotic break. He risks his sanity with a dangerous dose of psilocybin in an experimental psychedelic-assisted therapy session, only to learn that his reality is far from what it seems.

    Key Cast
    I Am Not A Hipster - Sundance 2012), Birth Of A Nation (Sundance 2016), The Glass Castle (Lionsgate), Extracted (SXSW)
    Key Cast
    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
    Key Cast
    The Band's Visit (Broadway), A Christmas Carol (Broadway)
    Director Of Photography
    In A Valley of Violence, 2016 SXSW Headliner The Sacrament, Venice Film Festival, TIFF, AFI Beware of Mr. Baker, 2012 SXSW Grand Jury Award Winner Documentary
    Original Score
    Shatner In Space
    Casting Director
    United 93, The Good Shepard, Chapter 27, The Cooler, Rabbit Hole, Stake Land
    Casting Director
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    50 minutes
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    United States
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    United States
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  • Los Angeles Film Awards
    Los Angeles
    United States
    Winner - Best TV Series
  • Orlando Film Festival
    United States
    Winner - Best New TV Series
  • Katra Film Series
    New York
    United States
    World Premiere
    Winner - Best TV Series Pilot
  • Santa Monica Film Festival
    Los Angeles
    United States
    West Coast Premiere
    Official Selection
  • New York International Film Awards
    New York
    United States
    Winner - Best Series Pilot
  • 27th Annual Fade In Awards TV Pilot/Web Series Competition
    Los Angeles
    United States
  • Vancouver Movie Awards
  • Seriesfest Season 9
    United States
    Official Selection - In Competition
  • Venice Shorts
    Venice, CA
    United States
  • Washington Film Awards
    United States
    Winner - Best Director
  • Malibu Film Festival
    Los Angeles
    United States
    Official Selection
  • Lake Placid Episodic Festival Presented by Catalyst Story Institute
    Lake Placid
    United States
    Official Selection
  • Queens World Film Festival
    New York City
    United States
    April 20, 2024
    Winner of Best Web Series
Director Biography - PETER P CLARK

In 2010, Peter's vision for a dilapidated warehouse at the foot of the Queensborough Bridge would give birth to ATTIC STUDIOS; a space for emerging photographers and filmmakers to shoot and mingle with like-minded creatives who host parties and events. Since then, ATTIC STUDIOS has become a mainstay of production in NYC and around the world, having produced hundreds of shoots for brands including H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Converse, Maybelline, Tiffany & Co; major television networks such as NBC, HBO, and BBC; print publications including Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and Interview Magazine; with top fashion photographers such as Steven Klein, Terry Richardson, Collier Schorr, Fabien Baron, Gavin Bond, Craig McDean and many more. As the founder of The Alliance of GoodTimes Entertainment (TAGE FILMS) and influenced by groundbreaking shows such as Black Mirror, Peter created DOSE, an anthology series examining the emerging science of psychedelics. In addition to this, Peter is simultaneously developing DOSE Rx, a multi-season episodic, as well as a biopic based on the life of Thomas King Forcade, founder of High Times Magazine. The only child of an Eastern European refugee and single parent, he has been pursuing socially conscious filmmaking from an early age. He is based in NYC and Miami.

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Director Statement

Every Chemical has a Story.

DOSE is an one-hour anthology series featuring complex characters driven by desperate needs who turn to risky chemical substances to help them navigate through their deepest fears. This exciting new show delves into the new frontier of psychedelic science to take the viewer on an unexpected trip with Psilocybin, Ketamine, MDMA, Peyote, Ibogaine, LSD, and Ayahuasca as our visionary guides. Are you ready to take a DOSE? Your trip starts here.


“Ghost In the Mushroom”

When Jeremy (Dominic Bogart) begins receiving messages from the grave, he finds himself caught in a “Mobius trip” while participating in an experimental form of psychedelic-assisted therapy, only to learn that his reality is far from what it seems.

Ep. 2 MDMA “Never Have I Ever”
After discovering her estranged father’s decomposed body in an apartment, Jessica’s world unravels. When her relationship also collapses, she hits up a rogue psychiatrist online for ecstasy pills hoping for a quick fix.

Ep. 3 DMT “Where Is the Sun?”
A college student travels to Arizona set on a psychedelic experience of “smoking toads.” He soon encounters a group of diehard environmentalists hard-pressed to stop him and cancel the entire town in the process. When the local sheriff learns of the altercation, he isn’t sure who to arrest first.

Ep. 4 KETAMINE “K-Holes & Candy Flips''
A group of bumbling thieves concocts an elaborate plan to break into a building’s dentist’s office and veterinary clinic on the same night to score nitrous tanks and ketamine. Desperate to make it to a rave party hoping to impress girls, they unexpectedly encounter the building’s late-night security guard, who is very dedicated to his job.

Ep. 5 LSD “Bicycle Ride”
A colorful retelling of Albert Hofmann’s famous April 19th, 1943 discovery, told in flashback from the perspective of the now 101-year-old scientist interviewed by famed psychedelic psychotherapist Peter Gasser (responsible for the first therapeutic use of LSD in 35 years) and renowned computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, the internet inventor, both who were voted among the greatest living geniuses by The Daily Telegraph Newspaper in the same year.

Ep. 6 METHAMPHETAMINE “Valedictorian”
After a poor rural family discovers that a majority of the students in their children’s school district are taking legal forms of amphetamines, they enlist the help of a local attorney to take their case to the State Supreme Court in an attempt to have their home lab operation legalized.

A high-school teenager becomes addicted to prescription painkillers after a sports injury. Oblivious to his growing dependence, his parents enroll him in an after-school program for troubled teens. By reading books, he discovers a way to travel back in time to a Chinese opium den, where he receives the advice he so desperately needs from a straight-talking alchemist and other long-dead drug users from centuries ago.


S2. Ep. 1 IBOGAINE “They Can’t Find Out About It”
A group of aggressive Washington lobbyists working for Big Pharma use intimidation and violence towards the founders of a new wellness center that administers Iboga, a drug proven to cure opioid addiction in a single dose and will stop at nothing to prevent the legalization.

S2. Ep. 2 CANNABIS “Please… Just Eat”
Three interwoven stories surrounding edible forms of marijuana, including an out-of-work off-Broadway actress unsure if she may be suffering from anorexia, a celebrity chef who refuses to cook without his new favorite ingredient, and a cadre of high-profile trial lawyers who accidentally eat an entire plate of pot brownies the night before the big trial, only to have a moral crisis and discover a gaping hole in their case that could cost them everything.

S2. Ep. 3 MESCALINE/PEYOTE “Egocide”
A lone Native American living in the wild desert mountains of 1800s Nevada befriends a prostitute beaten badly and banished by her alcoholic father. Wanted for murder with trackers nearby, he risks his life and her’s by evoking an ancient spirit in a long-forbidden ceremony.

S2. Ep. 4 COCAINE “The Warriors and The Suits"
In two groups of alpha males, Wall Street traders and prehistoric hunter-gatherers, their parallel timelines evoke similar behavior patterns, motivations, and drugs of choice.

S2. Ep. 5 GHB “Never Go Alone”
A hard look at male date rape told in an experimental, first-person documentary-style narrative by someone who's reluctant to prosecute the wealthy and well-respected older woman who took advantage of him.

S2. Ep. 6 METHAQUALONE “Not Just Your Brothers Drug”
A self-proclaimed psychonaut schemes and travels to South Africa to purchase a large quantity of nearly unobtainable Quaaludes to reintroduce them to the US black market.

S2, Ep. 7 & 8 2-PART FINALE “The Rites of Eleusis”
A biopic telling the fantastical and sordid story of Aleister Crowley and his cohorts in their attempt to stage the greatest psychedelic play in history.