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Don't open the door! We usually say when we see that, in a horror movie, the protagonist is about to open the door to the murderer. What would happen if, at that moment, someone knocked on our door? In this metafictional story, we go from the scene of one who sees to the one who is seen and back to reflect the dramatic irony and how much the certainty of the danger that lies ahead would protect us by becoming the protagonists of the horror film what we're looking at.

  • David Michan
    Adverse Effects, Mexican Dream, Dead Man, We are History, A true Story, The Lotto Ticket
  • David Michan
    Adverse Effects, Mexican Dream, Dead Man, We are History, A true Story, The Lotto Ticket
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    Horror, Triller
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes
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  • Feratum Film Festival
    November 25, 2021
    Best Short Screenplay
Director Biography - David Michan

I am an enthusiastic Film Director & Screenwriter with a long trajectory and experience in the film industry. My passion and love for this profession guided me in different directions to improve, learn and look for opportunities to express myself through the magic of cinema.
I grew up in Mexico, where the opportunities to make a living as a film director are few, so I learned to be very productive and creative and stretch every cent to create compelling feature films to impress and entertain an audience.
An example is my opera prima, "Adverse Effects," shot in 18 days with only $40,000, and against all the odds, the movie was an official selection in more than 30 film festivals worldwide. It won different awards for best movie, actor, screenplay and director. At the Edmonton International Film Festival, it competed against prominent directors and major studio movies like "The Skin I Live In" by Spanish Film Director Pedro Almodovar.
- International Film festival, Milan, Italy (Opening Movie of the festival. Jury: Ridley Scott, Robert Rodriguez, Paul Verhoeven & Rutger Hauer)
- International Film FesIval, Bari, Italy. - Prague, Czech Republic. - Transylvania, Romania. Edmonton, Canada. Sydney Australia. - Austin, TX, USA. - El Paso, TX. USA. - San Francisco Latino Film Festival. C.A USA. - Long Island, NY, USA. - Duluth, GA, USA. - Washington DC, USA. - Bangor, ME, USA Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, USA. - Orlando, FL. USA. - Puerto Rico, USA. - Memphis, TN, USA. - Laughlin, NV, USA. - Toluca Lake, CA, USA. - Annapolis, MD, USA. - Guadalajara, Mexico. - Guanajuato, Mexico. - Macabro, Mexico. - Morbido, Mexico. - Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Montevideo, Uruguay. - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Best Reviews:

"Adverse Effects is a slow-burning thriller from Mexico, with echoes of Taxi Driver, Memento, and a dash of Fight Club thrown in for good measure. A stunning feature debut for writer/director/editor David Michan." -Twitch by Andrew Mack.

"A new film from Mexico that is slightly reminiscent of Polanski's "The Tenant..." Director/ Writer David Michan has crafted a delirious fever dream of a movie that will have people talking for a long time afterwards."  - HorrorNews.Net by The Black Saint.

"Adverse Effects is a kind of modern Diary of a madman. In a plot reminiscent at times of Franz Kafka or David Lynch. - Top 5 TIFF (Transylvania International Film Festival)

"At times hallucinating, always dark, David Michan knows how to take the time to build an atmosphere that seems to have influences from Lynch's surrealism, from Korean cinema in its "physicality" and some touches from Scorsese's Taxi Driver." - By Cinefilaerrante.
Lately, I have been developing my second feature film project, "Eat What You Love," which has aroused much interest from various producers for its great originality.
It has been selected to participate in the pitching market at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain and the prestigious "Fantastic Fest" in Austin, Texas, where I won the Morbido/Latam Consultation Award.

Furthermore, I was awarded a scholarship for the Impulse Program for Cinematographic Creators at IMCINE. México. Tutor: Jorge Michel Grau, "We Are What We Are." Creditor of the economic stimulus of 10,000.00 dollars.

Also, I was awarded the scholarship Fundacion Carolina (Carolina Foundation) in conjunction with the program IBERMEDIA to participate in the 12° Course of the Development of Cinematographic Projects in Madrid, Spain.

I had as tutors the screenwriters David Munoz (Guillermo del Toro - The Devils Backbone) and Alejandro Hernandez (All of the Women, winner of the Goya for best screenwriter 2014).

Quarter-Finalists at the 8th Search for New Blood Screenwriting contest, Awarded as "Excellence Script" with an 8.5/10 score at the Filmarket Hub Script Analysis. o Semifinalist at the "Diverse Voices" presented by WeScreenplay. USA
- Official selection in the script contest at the Fright Night Film Fest. Louisville, KY, USA.
- Quarter-Finalists at the Scream Craft Horror Contest in association with the Blood List.
- Official selection in the script contest at the British Horror Film Festival, U.K.

"A highly original, sexually-charged thriller that grips you in from the onset and makes for a swift, engrossing, page-turning read." - The Black List

"A dark, attention-grabbing screenplay with strong main characters connected by their deviant sexual behaviours." - The Blue Cat Screenplay

"A memorable and fascinating script that will leave the audience haunted. There is some terrific imagery in this creepy thriller. The script is dynamic and out of the box in terms of boldness." - Academy Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting.
Before my feature film projects, I directed several short films, among which standouts was "Mexican Dream," which won three international prizes in Brussels, Germany and Austin, TX and was selected in more than twenty-five international festivals.
"A True Story," winner of the short-film competition Radioactive with a cash prize of $10,000. The jury consisted of recognized Film Directors such as Alejandro Inarritu, Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro, Guillermo Arriaga, Rodrigo Prieto, Walter Salles, Fernando Meirelles, Roger Avery, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Carlos Carrera, and many more.
Currently, I am living in Vancouver, BC. I moved to Canada in 2018 to further develop my directing skills in visual effects. I worked with different VFX studios in Vancouver and Montreal in T.V. Series and Feature films like "Yellowjackets" from Showtime, "Tales from the Loop" & "Upload"  from Amazon Studios, "The Righteous Gemstones" from HBO, "For All Mankind" From AppleTV, "American Crime Story" From FX, "Those Who Wish Me Dead." with Angelina Jolie and "Choas Walking" with Tom Holland.

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Director Statement

Don't Open the Damn Door! Is a metafiction story of the one who sees to the one who is seen and back, causing a multiverse bending where time and space collide.
Don't open the damn door! It is a fantasy short with hints of Horror, Science Fiction and Black Comedy, very much in the style of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. It plays with the traditional narrative, creating a parallel world where the physical laws are broken and fiction and reality mix.
Don't open the damn door! It is like an infinite mirror, a nightmare of the nightmare within a dream from which we can continue waking up infinitely. It is a metafiction story where the spectator becomes the story's protagonist and invites the spectator's reflection.