DJ Silent Asassin - New Fade ( Feat. Tate Kobang, Starrz and Damond Blue)

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Artist Biography

DJ Silent Asassin roots will always lie in his native PG County, but the 22-year-old DJ has been beyond his neighborhood for some time now. “I always liked to be on the move. For me being positive was a huge part of my high school days,” he says.

As a teen, DJ’s cousin allowed him to drive her Hyundai Sonata to school as long as he would drop her off and pick her up from her job in Maryland’s inner city. “That’s when I really gained my appreciation for music, just being able to drive that distance by myself and sitting in traffic, listening to the radio and mix CDs,” DJ says.

It’s with that experience that DJ – born Nehemiah Coleman – decided to pick up turntables at 17-years-old, with an affinity for cars and hip-hop that can be found in his debut mixtapes Free on Friday.

While the “drill” movement of the Streets of Washington, DC began to take off, DJ was one the few music producers responsible for pioneering a new movement of young, conscious, genre-bending producers to come out of the city, including his peers Martin Garrix & Dillon Francis.

After signing to YG’s 4 Hunnid Records in 2014, DJ has been able to see more of the world, and those travels are reflected in his debut project New Fade…, which is his first project to be available for sale and on streaming partners. “4 Hunnid has played a major role in my career. When I decided to sign I saw a void for the type of music I bring and a void for the type of producer that I am,” he says. “YG is an artist first, so he understands the process to achieve what you set out to do.”

"DJ Silent Asassin is one of those artists I couldn't turn a blind eye to. He's always been a go getter. He has a clear understanding of his vision and he puts in the amount of work that it takes for an artist to be successful,” says YG. “He has a story to tell that's authentic. I've always been excited to have such a smooth, innovative and creative young hustler like that on my roster."

Before New Fade…, DJ recorded the majority of his previous projects in Maryland, but for this project he worked in New York, and Baltimore. His trip to Los Angeles, where he learned about No I.D, was also eye-opening. “Going out there took me to another level mentally,” he says.

Glass Celling’s… finds him taking bold, new musical approaches, but in true DJ style, he continues to push the envelope creatively with his beats. “When I started to produce it was important to me to really have something with substance,” he says. “I’m saying things that can last for the next 40 or 50 years. There are things that Jay Z has said on his first album that I can still go back and reference now.”

“Free on Friday” will be his debut project. The melodic and moody project describes a late night love affair. Then there is “Glass Celling’s,” where DJ reflects on his personal turmoil. Current single, “New Fade,” where DJ team’s up with 300-entertainment signee Tate Kobang, Starrz and Damond Blue to get real about a breakup. In addition to Kobang, Glass Celling’s… features collaborations with Jaden Smith, and Rich the Kid.

“This project is probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever been with my music. It’s the most personal and it’s the most proud I’ve been of a body of work. I took my time with this & really spent time working on my producing, my post, my timing; just growing and getting better,” DJ says of New Fade… “I want people to hear this project and hear that growth. And hear the stories I’m telling. I want the listener to find comfort in my music and be able to relate to what I’m saying. Like therapy almost.”

DJ has an unwavering competitive drive that was instilled in him while watching the Cleveland Cavalries and three-time NBA champion Lebron James. “I want to bring home some of that big hardware at the end of the day— I really want to see Grammys at things like that.”

Ultimately DJ Silent Asassin just wants to build new fans and inspire them to simply be themselves. “I want to show them that it’s a clean way to stunt out here. You can still be respected by some of the biggest artists in the game and stay true to what you want to do,” he says. With Free on Friday… under his belt, a debut mixtape on the way and the debut release of “Artium Recordings Presents: In the Life of DJ Silent Asassin,” it’s safe to say that the world has just begun to see the takeover of DJ Silent Asassin.

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