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LOGLINE: A highly successful stockbroker is poisoned by his daughter, rendering him incapacitated. His private nurse is charged, convicted, and incarcerated until a group of graduate students win his appeal.

HARRY Rosenthall has made quite a bit of money as a broker for the New York Stock Exchange. This genre of film is an action thriller. People in the business world envy his portfolio and business savvy moves. However, Interpol lists him as a person of interest dealing with members of the London House of Parliament. He hires a registered nurse Thadeaus Rogers to manage his diabetes and protect him. Mr. Rogers is an ex-Special Forces/Ranger Medic with a black belt in Jujitsu and Judo. Harry has a code he lives by 'You can't shoot what you can't see!' This explains living on mega yachts and constantly moving. His daughter Danielle has manipulated her brothers to enter their father's yacht for a surprise birthday and poison him. He is flown to a hospital where plot unravels. Thaddeus is responsible for his well being and he is charged with attempted murder. A group of graduate journalism students win his appeal and Thaddeus is exonerated. Once, free he is obsessed with revenge. He violently abducts Danielle into bondage until he retrieves Harry. He purges Harry of all his medication out of his vegetative state for a full recovery. He makes him an offer he shall not refuse which includes control of all his assets.

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    Yes - University of Central Florida
Writer Biography - TROY BRYANT LEA

At present, I am a military contractor living in Qatar on the Al Udied Air Force Base.

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I have five BLOCKBUSTERS there has not been anything to impress me since I have seen GLADIATOR. I called it an Oscar winner and a masterful beauty of a movie. But I could not get anybody who looked like me to say they even saw the movie. The people I did get had nary a clue but yes I recognize the beauty and respect it in it's rightful place.