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The king of the deep has been scarred by those who drew first blood, and his rage her been fueled for all these years. Now the time has come to make it right, and the time has come for her to fight.

A three-month old Great White shark has been hauled upon a Chinese shark culling ship. The young shark witnesses the mutilation of her kin while they are still alive. The terrified shark is thrown back overboard as the Australian coast guard intercepts the ship. Tormented and scarred for life by the men aboard, the infant disappears back into the ocean, only to return as the king of the deep with revenge on her mind.

Twenty years later…

Stan and Reggie are Ozzy shark hunting brothers who live in the coastal town of Byron Bay. The brothers are in search for a twenty-one-foot Great White shark that has been on a killing spree up the east coast of Australia. They are chasing the huge shark, nicknamed ‘Scarface’ by the media, for the cash reward and for another trophy to mount on the wall of their local pub. They need a larger boat to keep up with Scarface, and hook up with Stormy, an Aboriginal man who captains the hired boat. The three set out on a journey, a journey that will change their lives forever.

At the same time, further up the east coast of Queensland, two young couples spend a long weekend at the Whitsunday Islands. They rent two sea-doos and during their trip between the mainland and the Islands and have a horrific collision at sea. With only one sea-doo barley afloat they are taken out to sea by the current, where they face the perils of mother nature and where they will find out what demons lurk above the water and below.

A sea rescue chopper has been deployed to find the missing castaways. They locate the castaways, but only find tragedy as the horror of a shark attack is immanent. During their rescue attempt from above their chopper is attacked from below and now they find themselves fighting for their lives along with the castaways.

  • Danial Donai
  • Danial Donai
  • Project Type:
    Feature, Short
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 40 minutes
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Danial Donai