After a long break...We are back!

Cyprus Comic Con is a non-profit organisation that celebrates comic book-influenced art and culture in Cyprus. With over 15,000 guests in its second year, the Cyprus Comic Con is aspiring to become one of the major geek events in the Mediterranean.

One of the many parts of the con is an in-house film festival specializing in screening genre short films (sci-fi, horror, fantasy, fan films, etc) from local and international filmmakers.

Note: If you got a notification for your film getting a Semi-Finalist or Finalist status, that means you're in the running for an official selection and have passed the 1st or 2nd round of the selection process and waiting for final selection update.

(Important Note: The 2023 Comic Con Film Festival will be Non-Competitive in nature.)
Terms and Conditions
1.1. To qualify for submission as a "short film", the duration must be longer than 2 minutes and less than 25 minutes.
1.2. Cyprus Comic Con reserves the right to turn down or disqualify an entry if there is a question of its authenticity or validity of the credentials of the entrant.
1.3. Year of Production: Films must have been finished not earlier than May 1st 2021. Works in progress are not accepted.
1.4. To qualify as a "genre film" your movie must have at least one (or a combination) of the following themes: horror, fantasy, science fiction, comic book, superhero, fan-fiction and/or parody.

2.1. By entering the CCC festival, you agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and these official rules and to comply with the regulations of the CCC festival, as well as all rules and terms of use listed on
2.2. Films sent for review, irrespective of whether they will be accepted or rejected for screening in the Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival, may be screened in other non-profit events held or co-sponsored by Cyprus Comic Con in Cyprus.
2.3. Screening in Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival cannot be considered an infringement of intellectual property and like rights. Any copyright issues that the film’s producers may have it’s own responsibility, bearing any and all liability that may burden Cyprus Comic Con because of this issues.
2.4. Cyprus Comic Con may choose at its discretion to use stills, posters, or (less than 1 minute) parts from, or information related to, the films submitted and/or accepted for screening, to appear in the Festival's poster and other PR materials, or in any kind of media in relation to the Festival promotional activities before and after the Festival. No reward of any kind for such usage will be requested by the films' creators, copyright holders or by any other person or organization having any kind of relation or stake with the films.
2.5. Material in any form that is sent to the Festival is not returned.

3.1. We accept online screeners through FilmFreeway.
3.2. In case you have problems submitting an online screener please contact us via email:

4.1. An email notification will be sent to all selected entries at least 3 weeks before the main event.
4.2. Films accepted for screening will receive the appropriate festival laurel in electronic format, and the creators, producers, etc. of the film will have the right to use and include the laurel in their PR material as proof that the film was screened, etc.
4.3. If your film is accepted for screening, then any distribution or rights deal you may make or have made with an entity covering our territory, must include the provision that the screening in Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival will not be jeopardized. You may withdraw your submission or warn us about such a deal, up to the end of the submission period.
4.4. We will need the following from you:
a. A time-coded dialogue list (subtitles), in English. We will provide
b. One to three stills from the film to choose for our printed & online materials
c. A poster to decorate our screening entrance.
d. Synopsis of your film and the biography of the director(s)
4.5. The film festival coordinators will decide the time slots for each. We will try to have everybody satisfied but we guarantee you that all entries will be judged equally and fair.

5.1. "Force Majeure" means an occurrence beyond the reasonable control and without the fault or negligence of the invoking party, which such party is unable to prevent or protect against by the exercise of reasonable diligence. However, a subcontractor failure does not constitute Force Majeure unless the failure is caused by an event of Force Majeure and alternative sources are unavailable to meet the need. Financial hardship does not constitute Force Majeure. A party will not be in default to the extent it is unable to perform because of Force Majeure. A party invoking a Force Majeure will:
a. Immediately notify the other party;
b. Make every effort to remedy the cause of non-performance, except a strike
c. Resume performance as soon as possible.

Overall Rating
  • Wheeler Winston Dixon

    Excellent festival - thanks for screening my work!

    October 2023
  • We enjoyed ourselves. Hoping as they grow there are more networking mixers available. Though the collections of Films curated was absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this film festival for indie and new filmmakers!

    October 2023
  • Keith Barnfather

    Great event and a very well assembled set of films! Highly recommend - and great fun to attend!

    October 2023
  • Khela Films

    Great festival, went there with our Cypriot friends for the screening of our film 'The Sweetmeat Boy'. Great fun, well managed and a very good experience overall.

    October 2016
  • Amazing festival! Great turnout and very organised!

    October 2016