CRYPTICON MINNEAPOLIS is a premiere showcase and have a screening room of over 200 seats and do direct exposure to the best independent film makers of sci-f and horror genres alike. We provide an actual award based upon the fan response to trailers from those selected from all submissions by local film board members and experienced film directors. We generally have hundreds of submissions and only choose 6 full length and six shorts per festival event.

Our event announces and showcases its awards for all of its thousands of event attendees to aknowledge and expose these award winners with and offer the award symbol for use in there packaging and media drive... In the prestige of winning our awards, we find the value of these awards to average in value of $2500 worth of media, audience exposure and marketing to their films value. Note that no physical cash is given just the exposure of the festival and the prestige of winning before hundreds of fans of the genre. However you award winning prestige is truly priceless for any film maker!

Rule 1, you film can not have been or going to be showcase or screened any where else in Minneapolis or Twin Cities Area in any form prior to the festival. All full lengths may only be submittied via the actual owner/creator and must be free of any legal distribution currently. Full concent per owner to show within the event and if chosen to be screened to the audience as well as presented as an award winner. We will accept almost any style, as in it shorts, feature, animation and more but must fit within the catogories listed and genres of Sci Fi and or Horror. Any film can be eneteried in as many catagories as a film anker choses and does not mean they will be chosen as a festival winner. This may increase your chances at becoming accepted and chosen as a winner but does not mean you will be chosen or screened. please understand there is no real cash prizes and is just the value we put behind the exposure of your film.
If your film fits another category in the end the judges place it as they believe it fits, they may also pick your film under a special category if they see fit. Also if you film is chosen but judges feels is much better suited for another award, the category selected will be changed to what the judges feels is best suited for its award!

Overall Rating
  • Melissa Mars

    It was an honor to be the winner of Best Scifi short film and screened at both the Cryptic Minneapolis Shockfest, as well as the Cryptic Kansas City Shockfest. I wish I could have made it there. Thank you.

    October 2021