Cruel Town

Making a documentary about a defunct Swedish indie band, two Brooklyn journalists find themselves at the centre of lies when their research threaten a national music business empire.

With one band member running a multi million music industry, one band member dead and the mesmerising poet singer lost without a trace, the journalists sets off for Scandinavia. Their documentary project meets resistance. Why they wonder?

Met with threats they ask themselves, what can possibly be the truth they uncover that it is worth this disproportionate actions? And... who wants them dead?

  • Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri
    Through the Supermarket in Five easy pieces
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    Television Script
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  • Women in Film & Television International
    Los Angeles
    December 20, 2017
    Best female short film director
Writer Biography - Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri

Born to a Danish mother and an Icelandic father, I grew up in Sweden. I moved early on to Finland where I got my double Masters of Art degrees. My disciplines are a Ba in Art Photography and double Ma in Writing and Directing for Film and Theatre and I have graduated both from Aalto University ( and the Art University (
After graduation I settled with my family in Finland where I wrote and directed films co-financed by the National Broadcasting Company ( and the Finnish Film Foundation ( as well as the Swedish Cultural Foundation (
The Film “Georg & Lydia” (2011) was a Nordic co-production ( and In Finland I have also directed classics for the stage and worked as a commercial director for advertisement. My dance film “Through the Supermarket in Five Easy Pieces” (2017) has won first prize on several international film festivals and I was chosen as best short film director by Wift International in Los Angeles 2017.
I enjoy the investigation of borders between disciplines. I have combined Performance Art with Film and developed participatory theatre as well as working within strict commercial assignments. My Art strives to marry an important message with a stringent aesthetic. I perceive myself as an Artistic leader that encourages a sensitive courageous collaboration within the artistic groups I form. I also enjoy trying out new untrodden grounds in my artistic practice.
Besides my artistic practice I have had teaching positions at Aalto University in the Master degree program and taught Directing and Dramaturgy at Arcada Polytechnic School in Helsinki ( My own research is in Artistic Collaborative Tools. I investigate what means are needed for fruitful creative processes that uses a respectful flat organisation for creating collaborative art.
I have worked within the team that planned and executed the yearly International TV-drama seminar in Helsinki ( that has drawn full house since it started 2016. In my further education I’ve attended the Danish Film School ( in an advanced course in writers room techniques. I also attended the course at Stockholm Art University ( that provided

a foundation of theoretical tools for Episodic Drama Writing and included a hands on writing assignment supervised by a series Head Writer. I am currently in the process of developing my own episodic drama series by the work title “Cruel Town”.

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History sometimes only becomes coherent through storytellers.