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Based on a science fiction background and a dystopian theme, the screenplay Credit tells a crime story under the "Credit Social System" in 2069. In the future, "Credit" replaces money as the only currency in circulation, with any private transaction of it prohibited by governments. Micro analyzers connected to Electronic Credit Cards are planted into human's brains since they were born, so that any lies will result in a drop in one's Credit Level and Credit Balance.
The protagonist Henry, a loyal follower of the Credit System, works as a interaction designer in the National Bureau of Credit after recent graduation from college. To keep his mother from knowing his father's death, he tells her a white lie, thereby having his Credit Level drop and losing his job. He restores his Credit Level with help of Ashley, his close friend, but gets set up through testifying for a murder suspect. To find out the truth of his father's death and the plot against him, he visits the underground city for several times and gradually discovers the conspiracy behind the "wonderful" Credit System.

  • Xiange Liu
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  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Crime, Mystery
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Nanjing University, China
Writer Biography - Xiange Liu

Xiange Liu graduated as an MFA in Theatre and Film from Nanjing University, China. She will attend another MFA program in Emerson College in Fall 2022.
She wrote some short screenplays including Beautify, a fantasy story, and Way Out, a family story.

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Writer Statement

Credit is my first feature length screenplay. It is also my MFA thesis project in Nanjing University, China. It is not only a sci-fi film but also a Film Noir.
I am glad to do further revision to meet the specific requirement of different media. I am also more than happy to join different kinds of cooperation.