CrapDance allows you to submit your worst work. It's the stuff you'd be embarrassed to submit to other festivals but we want it. We want big, steaming piles of it. Send us the stinkiest you got and we'll make you flush with pride.

This will be an in-person festival.

Humunga Dunga Award (Festival Winner)
Two-flusher Award (Best Picture)
Big Kahuna Award (Best Director)
Crop Duster Award (Best Actor)
Dirty Diaper Award (Best Student Effort)

Crowd Pleaser Award (Audience Favorite)

All genres of crappy short films TRT 10 minutes or under will be accepted for the festival. We don't care when you made it, how you made it, or why you made it. If it deserves to be buried, burned, or flushed, we want to see it.

Overall Rating