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S01 - 《仙鹤湾·Crane Gulf》- 舞台剧

PS, Chinese original before English translation.
Swan Lake belongs to European and American culture, and it tells the love and hate in the fairy tale legend.
天鹅全世界都有分布,而丹顶鹤只在中国东部。 它们虽有很多相似之处;但丹顶鹤更优雅高贵、忠贞圣洁,只自卫不攻击。
Swans are distributed all over the world, but red-crowned cranes are unique to Eastern China.
They have many similarities, but the red-crowned crane is more elegant and noble, loyalty and sanctity, only self-defense does not attack.
This stage play is extracted from the ballet part of the film Recover.
剧情不落经典世故情仇的俗套,以人类、自然、生态、地球、宇宙的大视⻆,通过对爱的正能 量地诠释,来阐述中国文化对天地人、世界万物的思想理解,以及思考......
The plot does not fall into the stereotype of classic and earthliness and hate story. From the perspective of human beings, nature, ecology, earth and universe, through the positive energy interpretation of love, it expounds the Chinese culture's ideological understanding of heaven and earth and the world.

第一幕 仙鹤陨落 ACT 1. Crane Fallen
第二幕 扎龙之爱 ACT 2. ZhaLong Love
第三幕 盐城之恋 ACT 3. YanCheng Lust
第四幕 银河落九天 ACT 4. Galactics Thawed
第五幕 凤凰涅磐 ACT 5. Phoenix Revived

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