Cousin or Not

The is about two cousins Jason Carter and Steven Parks Jr.Jason is Steven's maternal cousin and they grew up very close to each other and because of the death of his parents he had to move in with his aunty Vinnia Parks and her husband and son Steven.Big G Parks is well-known drug dealer and lend people money and expect interest in return and he uses his son Steven to collect money and deal with traitors.As the boys are both working for Big G, Jason has a different dream of becoming a music engineer but he sees no way out.Steven is obsessed with his father's seat and intend to take over after his father's retirement..
Jason is also Steven's best friend,he can refuse a command from Steven if he doesn't want to do it and Steven would be ok with it.Aunty Vinnia is not ok with them choosing this path but hoping one day they would change their fate. Big G asks them to go and eliminate Ben,one of Big G's men who he believes got out early from prison and he suspects that he's been talking to the police..
When they get there they find him after talking with the phone and they gunpoint him.Steven ties him on a chair and command Jason to shoot Ben while he is strapped on a chair and Jason refuses, fine Steven takes gun and shoot Ben two bullet holes one in the heart and other one in head..Big G hears about Jason's refusal then manipulate his son Steven to kill Jason so that he will regain tribute and promises him the seat soon.
Even though Steven doesn't have to do it but he also feels like its a right thing to do so that his men will respect and be afraid of him.They set Jason up and tell him about the deal that's going down the next day, when Jason gets there they were already there.When he asks "what's up" Steven shoots him whilst behind him on the head then they leave the scene.. When Steven sends someone to burn down the warehouse (crime scene) help is already called, all along Jason survived because the the bullet penetrated the side of the head and didn't affect the bain and it didn't even settle in his head and got out above the right brow ridge.
Aunt Vinnia hears about the death of her only brother's only son and she dies from heart attack.While Steven is enjoying the life of a leader and has all the respect,Jason is recovering in hospital and he hears about his aunt's death and he coming back for revenge.
Few weeks later while Steven is out with his girlfriend, Jason gets to house and kill everyone including Big G.Steven's coming back from town and sees his men lying down on all over the drive to the front door then run quickly inside and he find his father dead strapped on a chair and shot two bullet holes one in the heart and other one in head, then knows that his cousin must be alive..
When he attempts to get out and look for him,Jason shoots on the chest and he crawls out the door..While he is suffocating trying to explain Jason says what Steven said to him before he shot him that "COUSIN OR NOT , if you are against me I put a bullet in your brain". And he shoots him on the head.
The End .. Thank You For Your Time

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