Cortocircuito – Savigliano Film Festival is a film contest organized by the Cortocircuito
Cultural Association, whose purpose is to make the town of Savigliano a showcase of
short films closely linked to the territory and its features. The aim is to offer filmmakers an
opportunity to express their talent and passion.

The fourth Edition of Cortocircuito – Savigliano Film Festival will take place in Savigliano
in October 2030, covering seven days.
The Festival is articulated in two sections:
 General Section: free theme short films.
 “Comedian Rhapsody”: thematic section dedicated to the short films inspired by the theme of the year, motivated by the following description.

"Thematic section created mainly for comedies and comic works.
It is aimed at short films focused on one or more sides of the human comedy: from the “joie de vivre” to the Italian-style Comedy, passing through the clown figure.
A breath of fresh air to get out of this gloomy period and rediscover the lightheartedness of the circus and the kaleidoscopic figure of the comedian, exactly as seen in the bittersweet comedies of the postwar Italian cinema. It’s a way to celebrate the centenary of the birth of two friends and masters of that kind of art: Federico Fellini and Alberto Sordi."

General Section:
-Best Short Film Award: € 700,00;
-Special Jury Award: € 300,00;
-Audience Award: recognition plaque.

"Comedian Rhapsody” Section:
-Best Short Film Award: € 500,00;
-Audience Award: recognition plaque.

Special Awards, attributed to short films selected from all the above-mentioned
-Youth Award, to the best short film produced by High School students or
independent young people aged 19 or younger on the closing day of the call,
regardless of origin and type of school. The value of the Award is € 150,00;
-Libera Accademia d’Arte Novalia Award for the best animated short film: € 150,00.

a) Short films made after January the 1st 2018 can enter the contest.
b) Running time must not exceed 30 minutes.
c) Short films must fit into the above-mentioned thematic area.
d) Submitted works cannot have been presented in the past editions.
e) The selection of the short films will take place under the care and unquestionable
judgement of the Festival Committee.
f) The Festival Commitee will appoint a specialised Jury to assign the Best Short Film
g) A special Audience Award will be assigned by the audience during the screenings.
h) Short films non in Italian language will be screened in o.v. Therefore these short
films must be subtitled in Italian (if possible) or English language.