The CORONA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL - The First (and hopefully last) International Pandemic Self-Isolation Short Film Festival is a newly launched online competition for short films initiated as a reaction to the current COVID19 developments. Being aware of the devastating impact of the pandemic, we want to make the best out of our situation and give you a creative challenge. For film professionals and film enthusiasts who have already rewatched all the favourite series and movies, read all the books on the shelf and played online games over and over for days, this might be the best solution to cope with creative stagnation in times of precauton measures and self-isolation. The challenge is to push your creativity and skills, while being restricted by the current situation and make some film magic.

The selected short films will compete for the Corona Short Film Festival Awards. The Grand Jury Prize will be determined by our internationally renowned jury. Next to the main award, we are also giving an award to the viewers favorite, determined by online voting. Both winners will receive an award created by the Serbian artist Boris Bogdanovic and a monetary prize (Grand Jury Prize 1500Euro / Audience Award 500Euro) awarded by our friends at FritzKola. Next to this, both winner films will be picked up for sales&distribution by interfilm Berlin.

You should only submit your short film if it was created during your self-isolation due to COVID-19. The short film should, if possible, not been published or screened yet (including social media and video platforms) . The short film must not be longer than 5 minutes. The topic and genre are completely up to you. It does not have have to be pandemic or isolation related. One important rule: it has to be self-made. You can team up, but work remotely. No gatherings! We encourage you to stay at home, get creative and work with what you've got at hand - a good story and your cellphone camera can be more than enough. For the full Terms and Conditions, please visit our website.