The 5th Copper Coast International Film Festival will be starting on the September 6th 2021

Owing to the pandemic, the 5th Copper Coast Film has pushed back its notification till August. All films screening, semi-finalists, and finalists will be announced on 16th August and screenings begin on September 6th 2021.

Copper Coast International Film Festival 2021




Sister (Tanya Ronder - UK)
Run Amok ( Gala Diaz Fernandez – Spain)
God’s Child (Directed by Hanna Rosén – Sweden)
Meute (Directed by Ambre Rambaud – France)


Kiss the Ground (directed by Josh Tickell & Rebecca Tickell - USA)
The Fires of Kurdistan (directed by Narav Salahaddin, Roland Persson - Sweden)
Chaos (Julien Seignol - France)
Life on the ledge (Directed by Marc Kornblatt – Israel)


Dilemma (Directed by Péter Dóczé – Hungary)
She of the land ( directed by Gary J Hewitt uk)
Solstice (Directed by Gala Diaz – Spain)
The lost stars (Directed by Alexandra Iglesias – Spain)


No Room For Myself (Directed by Ana Domingues – Portugal)
Remember when we used to take the train? (Directed by Patricio Alfaro UK/Chile)
Fall Back Down (directed by Sara Beth (SB) Edwards – Canada)
Would You Rather (Directed by Lobke van Eijk – UK)


Act 100 : The Changing of the Guard (Directed by Anne-Sophie Bailly – France)
Origins of flux (directed by Can Eren – Turkey)
The Feminist at the Keyhole (Directed by Cladinè Curreli, Eleonora Gatto – Italy)
Another day (Directed by Stuart Black & Satinder Gill – UK)

Best Actress

Another Day (UK), Alice Henley (UK)
At 17 (USA), Cassandra Due (USA)
Selling Out (UK), Lucy Scott-Smith (UK)

Best Actor

Coming Back , Karl Hughes (UK)
The Knot (Estonia), Hans Matthias Kari (Estonia)
Being Roberto (Portugal), Francesco Pistone (Italy)

Best Director

Saint-Tite (Canada), directed by Florence Pelletier & Elizabeth Marcoux-Belair
Dilemma (Hungary), directed by Peter Docze
A Day In The Life Of A Boy (Germany), directed by Niklas Bauer •

Best Screenplay

Selling Out (UK), written by Lucy Scott-Smith (UK)
Meute (France), written by Ambre Rambaud (France)
Run Amok (Spain), written by Gala Diaz Fernandez (Spain)

Due to the festival being open to all ages, except where age restricted venues apply certain submissions may not be acceptable for this festival. All submissions are vetted, any found to breach our terms as laid out below will be deleted with or without notice.

(a) you own every visual or audio asset utilised in the uploaded submission file hosted through the link that you have provided and/or that you have the requisite legal permissions and authorities to upload through the link that you have provided, including all third party content; and (b) you are permitted to submit this film in accordance with the laws (including copyright laws) of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland as applicable, together with any same or similar laws of your current domicile; and (c) Copper Coast International Film is entitled to take action against you should you breach the terms and conditions of this Notice.

We hold the right to refuse any submission with or without notice, with or without reason. We also hold the right to amend all and any rules/terms/T&Cs, with or without notice.