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A church pastor makes a deal with the devil as a minister attempts to save the church from corruption and

Josiah Justice is a minister trying to help his father-in-law’s flailing
church keep afloat. Josiah discovers that his father-in-law, Pastor
Gideon has made a deal with a local drug dealer to house/hold drugs in
the church in exchange for “A donation or several”

. Josiah now must
decide on whether he tells his daddy’s girl of a wife the truth about her
father, or if he tries to solve this problem himself. What Josiah doesn’t
know is there’s a deep state governing faction called “The Body” that is a multi-faceted/multi-faith-based organization that has its reach not only in different religions but organized crime all around the world as well. Josiah must balance his dynamic between his wife and 3 sons, his close childhood friend, The Body, local and international criminals, and organized crime, while trying to deal with his faith, temptations,
and obstacles from The Body, and trying to keep the church afloat.

  • Stephen M. Harrell
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Stephen M. Harrell

Stephen Harrell is a writer that has been
working on this TV series for over 3
years. This story is loosely based on the
writer’s life. Alvin has other TV series
and book concepts that are being worked
on. Alvin was born in Kingsport,
Tennessee, and currently has a career in
Alvin will be pursuing a career in writing
and seeking to get other television/movie
concepts into development/production.

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Writer Statement

I am humbled and honored to submit my first screenplay. I hope everyone who reads this enjoys it as much as I absolutely loved writing this. I've been watching this show in my head for the past 6 years, and I'm taking a BIG leap of faith, in the prayer that this screenplay gets produced. Thank you.