The Contrari Film Awards is an International Competition based in Italy, with 2 categories:
- Short Film (less than 40 minutes)
- Music Video (less than 10 minutes)

The Official Selection consists of:
- 5 Short Films;
- 5 Music Videos;
In the Live Event at the "Teatro dei Contrari" in Rome, the Selected Works will be screened.
The Winner of each category will receive a Plaque.

1. Short Film entries must not exceed a running time of 40 minutes, including credits;
2. Music Video entries must not exceed a running time of 10 minutes, including credits;
3. Works of any kind are admitted. For Videoclip, songs of any musical genre and on any subject are accepted, even not unedited;
4. The minimum resolution must be Full-HD (1920 × 1080 pixels);
5. All works in a language other than Italian or english must have subtitles in Italian or English;
6. No première status is required, therefore the film can also participate in other competitions and can be published on online platforms at the time of submission;
7. The filmmaker can be of any age, gender and nationality;
8. “Work in progress” is not allowed, therefore only finished and definitive works can be entered;
9. The filmmaker can also submit more than one work. In this case, payment of the submission fee is required for each film submitted and no more than one work per category can be selected;
10. The filmmaker guarantees the lawfulness of the film and declares that all content, including the soundtrack, is free of copyright, freeing the Contrari Film Awards and its partners from any claims of any kind related to intellectual property;
11. The jury's decisions on the selected works are unquestionable;
12. The jury cannot provide any feedback on the reasons for the outcome of the selections;
13. Submission fees are non-refundable in case of any submission withdrawal, therefore it is important to read the regulation carefully to make sure that your work is compatible with the Festival's requests;
14. Submission for the festival implies complete unconditional acceptance of these regulations and authorization for public viewing of the work, when applicable, and the disclosure of posters and trailers for promotional purposes;
15. Any points not covered by these regulations are the responsibility of the organizer, while the Court of Rome is competent for any dispute.