REAson d’etre dance productions produces that Contact Dance International Film Festival. The festival which runs every two years and showcases films based on contact improvisation an affiliated forms. The next Contact Dance International Film Festival is occurring June 29 to July 1, 2019 in Toronto.

REAson d’etre dance productions believes in inspiring people through contact dance improvisation and dance/theatre. We create, produce and program dance works on stage and in film. We explore current themes in a manner that enables the public to benefit from the enlivening and thought-provoking powers of expression through movement. We tell inter-generational stories that represent the lives of Canadian people. We strive for a high level of community engagement through classes jams and all-level performance opportunities. We believe that every “body” can dance, and we work to increase the accessibility of the dance arts in Canada. Alongside producing professional work, we encourage and support the every day person in becoming artists.

Jury Selected Awards:

Audience Choice Awards:
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Special Award from the Festival Director. This award is presented based on a theme of the Festival Director's choice.

Submission requirements:
We are looking for dance films that focus on momentum-based dance and/or partnering techniques. Momentum-based dance and/or partnering techniques include rolling point of contact, balancing over centre of gravity, sloughing, following momentum, lifting using momentum rather than muscle power, “listening” with one’s skin surface etc. Momentum-based dance or partnering methods include Contact Improvisation and affiliated methods such as Axis Syllabus, Dance Parkour or the Kaeja Approach. Choreography in the dance film can be set (i.e. per-choreographed) or created in the moment (i.e. improvised choreography). Dance films can be in the genre of narrative, theme oriented, abstract or documentary and must be sixty minutes or less (although we might be able to program an exceptional full length film). There are no limitations on productions date although to be eligible for prizes films need to have been released within the last five years. All rights to the films must be held by the person or organization submitting. We accept all levels of films. This means that if the jury feels your film adds value to the festival they will program it even if you are a first time filmmaker, the film was shot on your cell phone camera and/or you are new to contact improvisation.

Film submission fee:
In order to make the submission process as accessible as possible there is no submission fees

What happens once I submit my film?

Films are chosen by a jury of four or more people who have experience in film and/or contact improvisation.

If your film is chosen for duration of by the jury then you receive a full festival pass (all screenings, workshops and jams!) for the festival your film is screening at.

There might be a curated portion of the festival, which is curated by the artistic director of REAson d’etre dance productions. Your film might be chosen for the curated part of the festival or the juried portion of the festival.

The film maker retains all rights to their film and gives REAson d’etre dance productions permission to screen the film only in the Contact Dance International Film Festival for the year it was submitted for.

By submitting your film you give REAson d’etre dance productions permission to upload not more than 20 seconds of your film on-line (e.g. YouTube, Facebook REAson d’etre website) as part of a film festival trailer created for promotional purposes. You are also welcome the cancel this permission by indicating your wish to do so when you send in your submission form or when you agree to be curated.

By submitting you also give permission for REAson d’etre dance productions to take up to three photo stills (screen shots) from your film and use them to promote of yourself and the festival on social media and through the press. You are also welcome the cancel this permission by indicating your wish to do so when you send in your submission form or agree to be curated. You are also welcome to send photo still (screen shots) to REAson d’etre dance productions yourself. This option gives you, the artist, choice as to which photo still (screen-shots) are used.

Other than the above agreement, to possibly use no more than 20 seconds of you film in a trailer for promotional purposes, REAson d’etre dance productions will not upload your film on-line or shared on Facebook by REAson d'etre dance productions without your permission.

There are four prizes available. One prize winner chosen by the artistic director of REAson d’etre dance productions (Award from the AD) and three prizes chosen by the jury (First, Second and Third prize). There are also audience choice awards for each program.

To be eligible for a prize, the release date of your film must be no more than five years prior to the festival screening date (i.e. we welcome the submission of archival works but they will not be eligible for prizes). Only films submitted to the juried portion are eligible for jury prizes long as they fall into the above stated release dates. The award from the AD can be given to a juried film or a curated film. I.E the jury picks first, second and third prize from the films that have been submitted for competition and the artistic director of the festival choses the award from the AD from all the films in the festival (i.e. curated of juried)

Filmmakers will be notified of the jury and curating results within five months of the submission deadline.

Overall Rating
  • blas payri

    A very nice festival with many activities focusing on contact dance, with film screenings. The director Kathleen Rea, the team and the participants create a sense of sharing and community throughout the days of the festival.

    July 2019