The 2021 Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Fest will run LIVE 7.26.2021 to 8.1.2021. The 2021 Award winners will be honored at the live award show that is dedicated to them. Seminars, after-parties, events, screenings, and the film market will all be live.

The Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Festival seeks to recognize, serve, and honor the mentally ill artist who is using art to heal themselves. CDWFIFF is part of the successful AOF Megafest. Now in its 16th year, MegaFest will host the Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Festival.
Vegas, a tourist destination for so many reasons, now has one more event to draw you into its vibrant nightlife. All screenings and events will take place in the heart of Las Vegas, NV at various locations. Your work will screen in state of the art theaters NOT in hotel meeting rooms, bars, halls, libraries, etc.
The directors at CDWFIFF along with the AOF MegaFest, have created a positive respectful environment to encourage dialogue and foster growth and understanding in an industry that is known for looking the other way. At CDWIFF you are understood, welcomed, and loved. You are at home.
CDWFIFF seeks and accepts all genres of films, shorts, features, narratives, documentaries, written word, photography, art, and music. The stipulation is that the work must deal with mental illness. Either the crew (director, DP, writer, talent) has a person who is struggling with or has overcome mental illness, depression, anxiety etc., or a crew member is a caregiver to a person with mental illness. We will also accept projects that are about mental issues. All submissions must include in their cover letter what requirement (s) the project fulfills.
CDWFIFF seeks screenplay submissions of all lengths/all genres that either cover the topic of mental illness or are the works of screenwriters dealing with mental illness themselves. We accept features, shorts, TV and Web Series Pilots, short shorts, and scenes, and poems. All submissions must include in their cover letter what requirement (s) the project fulfills.
CDWFIFF also wants musical scores and soundtracks, songs, lyrics, storyboards, and poster art by individuals dealing with mental illness or content covering mental health topics.
CDWFIFF recognizes that Art has always been a means of healing and transformation. It is now time to recognize the artist.

Every Accepted Submission will receive Selection Laurels.
Every Accepted creator will receive 1 all- access creator badge allowing access to all screenings (except charity or private), all seminars (except except charity or specialty), and after parties (except charity or private).
Every Winner will receive Laurels and a certificate or trophy/plaque.
Software to top winners.

Specialty Awards
The Overcomer Award for Screenwriting-given to a screenwriter with mental illness.

The Stigma Busting Award- given to an exceptionally talented mentally ill director.

The Gemini Award (for Actor)- given to an exceptionally talented actor with mental illness

The Gemini Award (for Actress)- given to an exceptionally talented actress with mental illness

The Melissa Goodman Caregiver Award- to be given to film or script which portrays the importance of the caregiver/mentally ill client relationship.

We will NOT accept online screeners for exhibition purposes.
MPEG 4 Screeners required.
Please notify us by email of any address changes.
Failure to provide screening materials will result in disqualification and the film being pulled from screening.
Please note MegaFest and/or CDWFIFF will NOT return or ship materials back to the submitter once the festival has commenced (this includes DCPs, MPEG4s, posters, postcards, or promo materials)
All entries should be Clearly Marked with Film Name, Festival Name, Run time, Submitter’s Name, and Contact info (cell phone and email)
Submissions should be mailed to:

218 Cherry St.
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
All accepted filmmakers, who have submitted/mailed in all necessary materials and screeners, will be placed on Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival website and the ticket info will be on MegaFest Website before the event. Submitting filmmakers acknowledge they have the legal right to exhibit the film and the collateral/promo materials at the CDWFIFF which is part of the AOF MegaFest.
CDWFIFF and the Action on Film MegaFest is hereby granted the right to utilize footage and promotional materials supplied by the submitting agent from any film submitted and accepted film, video, or project for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. All accepted filmmakers agree that Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival and MegaFest may use footage from their projects in order to promote the festival, their film, or the MegaFest Event via print, web, and broadcast television. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Action On Film International Film Festival, its vendors, sponsors, and supporters from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.
Written Word Submission Rules
We are currently accepting written word submissions for features, shorts, short shorts, scenes, poetry, and prose.
All genres are welcome.
One copy of an original feature film screenplay uploaded as a PDF file will be accepted. (Do NOT include more than 1 version). We do NOT accept hardcopy scripts.
The screenplay should be in standard industry format (12 point Courier).
Only one copy, draft, or version of any screenplay may be submitted by an entrant or entrants per submission.
Under no circumstances will substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of an entry screenplay be allowed under the original submission.
Corrected or edited screenplays must be resubmitted as a NEW entry and will require a separate submission fee.
Multi-part scripts should be submitted as separate, stand-alone screenplays.
Features that are over 120 pages must be submitted as 2 different entries.
Entry fees will not be returned or adjusted.

Submissions must have been written originally in English; translations will not be accepted.
Submissions must be the original work of the entrant(s) and may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fiction or nonfiction material, published or unpublished, produced or un-produced.
Entries may, however, be adapted from the entrant’s (or entrants’) original work, which should be noted in the logline required on the application form.
Entries lacking a logline on the application form will be disqualified.
If the script is based on a true story, historical or contemporary, the "based on true story/events" should be noted in the logline.
Collaborative work by two writers who share equally in its creation is eligible.
The collaborator’s name must be added during the online application process.
Writer's bio and headshot recommended.
All entries must be received by or before the Extended Deadline of 7.5.2020
Nominees/Winners will be announced at the Writers Award Show and Dinner. We do not ship Awards.
Entry fees will not be returned or adjusted.